removing net neutrality has no benefit but greased palms

the important statement in this article, is that there is no conceivable benefit to declassifying the internet as a utility and removing net neutrality.  

the benefit is to the politician, that gets a new big boy in their corner.  but they should understand exactly how many are not in their corner, if they go this path.  and how the Republican, that might say, “good! stick it to those liberal scum!” will be the business owner that has to pay cable an extra fee for having a website attached to his store.  the small business owner is the one that will have his online store bumped, in order to deliver bigger stores easier and faster to the internet user.

and the only reasoning, for politicians to WANT the elimination of net neutrality, is it puts them in the game.  the cable company (ISP) gets to decide which business lives or dies.  and that sets up a whole chain of tit for tat, that your politician wants to be a part of.  

that’s it.  there is no reason for them to change current rules, except that they want to start a whole new game.

and it will be a ferocious game.  say you own a nice, stable stock in that big online store? it will bottom out overnight.  the merry chorus of puppets would all have a new string, one called, “who is making the ISP happy?”  very real game they want to play, and your politician is applying for quarterback.  
“The relentless fighting over net neutrality rules needs to end, but how can it? “- LA Times


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