when there is nothing to do but fume then the smoke gets in your eyes

so the day dawned with no hurt, one of the things possible when waking doesn’t involve bangs from above like having taps played in your ear. so a positive, for a change. i ordered a compression sleeve for my arm, that has been hurting all week.

angel kitty forgot she received breakfast again this morning, and i gave in and gave her a second breakfast. after which she retired happily to her cat bed. i swear that sweet kitty is half hobbit.

i am not looking forward to easter at all, and part of me wants to bow out of every single thing until my dentures are completed. i suppose it’s the worry and the stress. but also, a certain amount of frustration and anger. not over the teeth, though it’s a little upsetting that legislatures in utah decided people don’t really need dentists at all. even though, that by the time they were cutting it completely, the quality was down to salvik imports that had an interesting take on what to do with the poor and needy in a dentist chair. but my upset over all that has been around for awhile, it’s nothing new.

no, i’m not sure what has me looking at things in a greyer light. facebook is a pain, since they took their beta build and made it standard. what kind of bright idea makes a mobile platform incapable of a pinch zoom? that gets to me, when the zoom is what you need on mobile, specifically. so have to run the desktop site on mobile, to make it more viewable. and by that point, i begin to wonder about the insanity of the world…

my limited comprehensions just fail to grasp what inspires people go for design principals that make function moot. it’s like there needs to be a philosophy course added to programming instruction ……. or something. the mistakes i observe kind of pile up, as i note changes in direction. and they’re piled pretty high, for the moment.

there is the missing pinwheel, that i assume is from the wind yesterday. i won it at a church bingo few years ago. and it’s really nothing, but gives me a sort of hollow feeling — like its disappearance is some kind of omen.

my left arm has not hurt for almost two years, and having that back is disgruntling. part of me wants to google appendage numbness in relation to nerve degeneration (neuropathy) –and part of me feels too exhausted to bother. what difference will it make? the fallacy of putting a name to things, and having that somehow make it better. that gets to me, too. would be much better if medicine focused on healing, rather than explaining away symptoms. the tricks of the trade on that are a little bit much. i don’t know what percentage of the populous sees through the plethora of scams, but i’m pretty sure it’s a higher percentage than they are betting on.

so once again, i wonder on proclivities to make design take precedence over function. where or when does it stop?

nothing gets done by grousing over it, anyway. is better not to be a complainer. i sure look at that these days, try to compute how much outrage one body can stand. hold. uphold? it seems like a lost battle before it begins. but i’m not sure how to exchange my degrees of hope, for passivity and peace. when an instructor once many years ago, counseled on not burying the head in the sandbox — he never mentioned there would come a time when that would look inviting.

onward an upward? the pinwheel is missing — guess the thing to do is order an even bigger one from amazon. and omens be damned.


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