a win for comcast to sell your social security number to the highest bidder

if you’re wondering what the no internet privacy thing is about now — part of what it means, is that if you own a website, then comcast or other ISP’s can put ads up ON YOUR WEBSITE without your permission, through a method of pushing ads through to any browser. this includes mozilla, ie, opera, etc. and it includes macs and pc’s and linux … ALL. comcast will be able to put THEIR ads on YOUR website without a by-your-leave and with NO payment to the website.

so (to congress) you all really need to know more about computers before you just sign off sh*t without knowing what you are doing.

and if you don’t own a website, and think this doesn’t affect you, think again. say you go to a website and the ad is really annoying! so you boycot that company. you tell all your friends, how horrible they are. but turns out it wasn’t them, it was comcast who messed up your browser and made you restart your computer because it froze it up.

so they caused you to hurt another company by misrepresenting that company incorrectly in delivering content. consider it like ads included with your mail, and you lose a letter because it gets caught in the ads. then they started making carriers place ‘real’ mail on top of ads, taking twice as long or more to deliver anything. all because they crossed that first line? this is a bigger line. it means getting no internet service minus ads on every page. YOU CAN’T STOP IT. and i imagine … just conjecture, but you can probably bet that an internet service will be offered then for twice as much — and ad free!

that’s how they work.


just saying, consider yourself warned!

you will have nothing online without ads flashing on the screen straight from comcast, verizon, xfinity, etc. …. and get this other tidbit: if you complain to a website, and they really do have malicious or annoying ads — they will be able to just point at your ISP and say it wasn’t them, and are off the hook. this is a mess. I knew something was up when Comcast used their new method to block my browsers ——- every single browser on my network, until I would agree to sign a legal document for them. “just click to agree” — frack that! I called and complained until they took it down.

but every single browser, from the tablet to the phone to windows 10, windows 7, Ubuntu Linux …..every webpage I went to had a window on it blocking the page, insisting I click and agree to my guilt …………………… android, windows — and Linux, so that means apple, too. it will be like having a clear screen in front of ALL your computers, that fills with ads from Comcast (att, Verizon, etc) however often they want to send them to you!

so that’s the backdoor they are going to use to place ads over your webpages that you can’t remove with any block, because the script is running at Comcast. and get THIS — IF that script gets infected with a virus — it will take out every computer on the Comcast network. IF it is buggy, it will crash every computer on their service. but even with no problems at all, it’s still a way to place content directly onto any device they service. daily ads — ads that sing out from your phone at 7am every morning for you to buy their coffee …..

you think i’m kidding … i’m not kidding.

THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. a line has been crossed.

they don’t access through the IP addresses at all, it’s a direct port that puts the same “ad window” overlay onto all your browsers. if they felt like it, could run blank black screens during a presidential address …… during your football game you stream on your tv. they can make it blank. with no explanation. how many hackers will try to get a hold of that? flash porn on everyone’s screen …….

but mostly it will be a deluge of ads that NO flash blocker and NO script blocker and NO nothing can remove. the programming running the content will be remote access.

and guess what? you won’t even know when it starts. they have permission — could start tomorrow. could start today. ads popping up everywhere, more than usual. more targeted at you and your family. and you have no way of knowing if that is from malware on your computer, or from bad web pages, or from Comcast.

I will look for some way to use a different port for browsing, though i’m not sure if that’s possible. but we might have to build a whole new internet. (you think i’m kidding …. ha! the innocence …)

this is terrible. they have everyone by the balls now. (oh, and since their software cannot be checked by your browser’s security settings — they will be able to turn on mics and cameras with every ad, to record your reaction to it. and again, you think i’m kidding? i’m not.)


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