so what IS this — the end of the line?

feeling a little out of sorts
maybe it’s the weather
sure, i’m sure it’s the weather

have decided to organize “things”
so many of those things
tend to be disorganized
wherever they please

and then i scream and stomp
my not-so-little feet
when no-THING can be found
and so have to admit

this it IT
i am OLD
can’t remember anything
so everything will have to have
it’s place

… just like grandma

and i love cataloging
; knowing where everything is
and now it’s this big blob in my mind

thought occurred to me
that if i can’t get it straightened out
then i’ll have to get some large bags
and put it all in the trash …

no one needs this level of chaos
and i cringe at the despicable
and sharp-edge nature of order
i don’t want those levels of exact intolerance

but i do need to look at things
and decide what i should sell
or take to the rummage sale at church
because who needs 4 tablets? 5 phones? 3 laptops?

i’m like an electronics’ junkie
and i have my stash of back-up highs ….

so this is a very SPECIAL spring cleaning
one that is the end of an era?
end of something

i never cared for sanity much, anyway.
some day it will all come together
on that day, i hope peace is grasped hard
tight … the thing i WILL remember
when the rest is gone

everything lost and forgotten
but i’ll still hold fast
that feeling of standing on a patio
in your PJ’s, when the morning
comes around … and deciding the flowers
need a little more water as you sip
your tea and think– “in a minute.”


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