the thing

the thing that grabs attention, is somebody doing something. obviously, the most
‘grabbing’ is sexual acts. but other, more innocuous portrayals of human endeavor
are visually “grabbing.”

it is a primal thing — “what are THEY doing???”
a curiosity to gather where any are gathered.
a transmission for survival, to do as others do —
especially in new or unfamiliar surroundings.

was an experiment on that — interesting results.

but anyway … for visual aides or ‘drawing’ someone
to the cover of a book or the poster for a movie, the greatest
draw is human action.

so first, take an uncharacteristic dress
then a task that is common
but have the task being done in an uncommon way

or with an uncommon piece of attire

it doesn’t matter how good your book is on the inside
if no one picks it up …..

and curiosity is the one thing that can be
measured and played
…….. the thing that draws

that inspires a NEED to peek inside
at the words…….the waterfall of dross

the bleeding pen that only wants
to send language into realms of comprehension
lands of undying notes

so there is something to be said for the cover
the thing

the presentation of a place you visited
once only in the mind

but twice in the soul


Feedback always welcome

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