for what am i but a hollow shell

so advice….

my advice is to never underestimate
taking care of yourself

you know,
eating, sleeping, bathing, singing
taking time to smell the flowers

and then slap on top of that
tending your environment
so that’s cleaning and straightening
developing some kind of beauty and order

even male
can benefit by having neatness
a sense of control

when life seems like everything on earth
gets to affect your life…
the fact that you can control
exactly where your potholders sit on the stove
… that can be a very sanity-affirming thing

and everybody needs ritual
whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning
or time spent playing a stupid video game
or a few laps around the gym

if things seem off
like you are going to lose your mind…
have you been ignoring your rituals lately?
look at them
and add them back if you were going without

and always find some refuge in sleep
go away completely
none of this half asleep stuff

drop off
and remember you are not that important
that nothing is so important

you can always pause
put your fingers together
and look up at the sky

think of the number of times
you never considered consequence

and smile


Feedback always welcome

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