fair in the mind of a hypocrite

what conquest delegates fair in the pause of
fully alternate facts?
where true witch hunts gathered millions to
dance to
lock her up then cries and weeps and
moans that they are the now witch
now set upon?

i can only look
and marvel at the lack of application
denial that holds itself separate
to separate rules
that believe the law does not apply
to a king
that power means safety
to do as you please
and pleased only with more power

and so it goes
he sits on purchased throne
the king of the hypocrites
guiding all to paths
of non-application
for one above the law
decides it so

but will only rule the hypocrites
the blind that do not see
one nation
one land
of justice chimed by equality

why am i not superior to you?
because the choice would render me foolish
a train well off its tracks
a child conflicted with no way back to
piles of grace

the justice you deny another,
you, also, shall not receive
the amber waves of grain speak merrily
of broken hills
and broken dreams
yet do not let them speak of broken values!
whipped to turn a tide
that did not bless the moon
nor offer subtle rides
in consequence
damned by betters
you and you and i are due

for every bone that picks a turn
what mouth of justice claims to be
above the flames of its own burn?
where do we learn our pride?
at three, or four?
when mom decides you all are guilty
to deserve a similar fate?
no favor
none exists in tended souls
raised by weary
wrinkled hands… weary eyes that storm in truth
when mouths erupt in screams of tantrum
oh youth! no one wins
when boom sets all things fair

i look upon the birth of hypocrites
no boom
when all about
the thirst for favored dare
the love of days embalmed in purest
thoughts of self…

no wonder what went wrong
i think upon the smooth temptations
hold of self as better, more than
any ever lived before and into since

all notes that say a difference means
the i
the i is blessed with this
and this while others not
and not
the gains applied to i are made upon
the notes of singularity

so all are in the same denoted box

then better wins the so?
no thank you, no
see, contests i don’t take are those
i always win
true love for life is borne when
no amount of sin is randomly applied
upon another
other dreams to cure the lack of depths

in mine? no thank you, i shall learn just fine

how suffer?
suffer in the patient go-about
to know a past
i know where i can’t stand
know every tangled failure
every drop for self i should not weep
for tears describe remorse
and did i not select my way?

to compound an application
even i can feel the pull
to hold the self so high it cannot
dim no matter of the suns that fill the sky

… that say you, too?
the hypocrite is lonely lone
and lone
for what is missing are the ties
that bind one to a home
the starker revelations
gather faith in only those who
truly participate
in their own justice… so we are the so

i am
a product of that house
a house where hypocrisy never played
in cold example
lacking warmth arrayed
in firm inequalities

therefore you cannot hope to raise anew
an hypocrite is born and raised
to follow suit
to be the same and milk the undertow

to look on life as partial
when she really holds us all
in correlation to the other
other alls

for justice is not weights
it is the share of blame
to see in you the course
of every conflict owned by me
the thief
the murderer
there i go, too
for they were grown by all and all
so none and none
escape all blame
you see?
no white as snow

we rise and fall together
gnawing every bit of shame
that every hope for righteousness inflames

the contributions wallow in
measured distance for i cannot
judge the hypocrite
we all have some part compromised
in placing self above the law we lay
and so it is the deeper shades
the darker storms of injustice
nailed to trees
by those who grow at will

how tender all as not applied to them
i do not know that soul:
it hurts to have to be

an hypocrite to demonstrate
the failure of such path
the turn on single moves
as distant as the stars
to other fates

(once i saw her dance on tracks
so i did, too
and when she came to me
as fellow
i raged! laid every death by train
upon her feet
i bellowed! so that she would never
do again. it hurt. for struck a blow
to damn myself
in twist of abject consequence
blame comes home to rest
but once)

and so i pray for cold democracy
the burn of hearts in common
shared by destiny
to thwart the bane
whose roots are born from
hypocrites and sealed by reign
known to the self
as self is charged

all kings shall hang
and hang them well

we need no gods on earth
on earth

if truth be told
we drift
we move
we wait


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