what does fear profit

does it make the day better
boogy man
to harness the easy enemy
for goals
a fractured night is the complication
claiming souls for redundancy
all been done before
the formula
i blame no other forward
but the cries of foolishness
in loss of pride
ubiquitous persuasion
abstract beast as one more
nightmare drops and pings
one more silence dreams

how found you life explicitly in pardon?
eh… all shouldered for the curse
to come this way
the formula
the conquest put behind for all is
new some day with curled tones
of where deception leads and primps
and prompts
the fantasy of all is not so sure

look out look forth look where
the look is blurred
consider taste
inured … concept ‘ngraved on lust

how lust you now?
where is the train of consequence
when dreams go high
they fall not at all not at all
but shred in wind so constant
as to blame
deflated wide realities
not seen
not real… one thing
in course of course
to know the turn was adequate

where dollars came in a stumble
as next fork falls
you cannot eat your dreams
you cannot gnaw on gold
and so one gravitas turns repeated
makings for the make
divided by the variegated snake
to lonesome pulp
the brain in sundry mulch

therefore, true listen
when the sage screams lost is lost
when showman never counts his cost
barking grim
of sullen reap
no conquest of their minds complete

therefore i ask that all
remember if a careless nature
holds fragile dreams
correctly tuned?
does swagger storm the enemy
for light of day
a sun but knows its replay

how do ranks live now? minus
effigies … the image all
encompassed to denote what’s craven
of such craven greed….

born and blossomed from the pompous seed
in time that tortures never bleed
and driven mad by faith
i see the conscript of cold
holy vows
i see the damage wept by chain
and cried by plow

forsaken on the field
as life decides to harvest
man where he stands and smiles

when dawns awake the hopeless child


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