snippets of consternation–when the bar goes boom

boom towns:

and that’s fine to eek a little more out of it. number of workers go down as the coal lowers. people have less babies. it eeks along. but to eek more out of it by removing protections to water?

that kind of goes under evil. i understand the need. i just don’t believe in killing a person for a piece of bread. the owners of the mines set up a business destined to fail and create ghost towns.

that is the reality. those of us on the outside, don’t want an extension to its life, based on the destruction of natural resources.

and i’m sorry that is harsh. but the one to be angry at, are the ones in mansions right now, living off of the industry they started that was unsustainable.

many industries have a shelf life. the appeal to those industries is generated by higher wages. how many people moved to alaska to drill oil? how many people fell over themselves to get to california and pan gold? and then who built the railroads? yes, there is a wonderful sense of continuity, when an industry can remain and support a flourishing town. but you talk about actually seeing the towns and the people? have you walked through the ghost towns of nevada? i have. for all of the humble workers that had to relocate, there is a family that never lived in that town, but lived off of that town, sitting in a mansion, still. sitting in a trump tower apartment.

want more of it, more one town one industry wonders, that’s fine. but don’t fool yourselves that they are made for the people. they are made for the ones sitting in their trump tower. and it’s not as bad as it was. but the framework is nothing to sit there and defend with pride.

do you know how china handles industry? in much of it, their workers live in dorms at the factories. and fenced in with barb wire. just because an industry makes something to sell, or offers more attractive wages, doesn’t make it good industry. the iphones sold mostly to the upper classes here, originate from parts in china–where workers have been known to jump from the roof of their factory home to commit suicide.

no…. we can draw the line at not polluting the waters. in fact, if we don’t, then cannot argue to save anything. the ones who set it up, can take their vacations to the remote, pristine islands. though those are becoming rare, too. they can go on safaris, to africa and kill big game, like the trump boys do. the ones who cannot afford that, at the very least, had our national parks.

but now the national parks in utah are slotted to be sold for coal mining. for creating more ghost towns to be. and we don’t want that. we do see what has happened in pennsylvania. and are saying, “no thank you.”

no, it is a bigger picture. there is nothing wrong with understanding your own data set. in fact, too many do not base their conclusions on their own observations. but in addition to that, when the bigger picture is ignored, it often plays into the hands of those running the bigger game at bigger tables.

the arguments over this issue, are also a set up. and maybe the best path IS to fully industrialize everything and the environment be damned.

i can’t tell for sure…. but when it is the good ol’ boys pushing for something, you can be somewhat positive that it isn’t in your best interests.

they don’t grow hearts overnight. and wanting to put more americans in factories leaves me with a cold chill. leaves me wondering why the push for everyone to have babies this last 10 years. now i know.

and that’s fine if that’s what the people want. just be sure what you are asking for. because making more money doesn’t help when the value of money tanks.

i guess i get upset, because crying to save industry towns and then i look at something like nevada, where prostitution and gambling was the final chapter for the folks from those ghost towns. i feel sorry for them.

want what is better for the people and the future. but i could be wrong. we all could be wrong and just played. not sure at this point.

but see the signs.

working for a baby boom could be the only way to save social security. more industrialization could be the only way to save the dollar, by switching from service industries to more production. but my gut feeling, is that everyone is being taken to the cleaners –especially with the images of those surrounding trump wearing smiles like the cat that ate the canary.

comes down to trust, and am seeing far too much in this administration that isn’t trustworthy. but beyond that, i see how belief is fed to the masses to further the profit for a few. the problem with reducing education and opportunity, at the same time as increasing profits for the wealthy, is they are shutting the doors on the class levels.

and again, that might work out fine. but then combine that with higher levels of communication and in general, higher educations because information is available to both rich and poor…. it’s a powder keg waiting to go off. a pressure cooker. but maybe they have plans to take away everyone’s cell phone. and to make universities even less accessible to the poor. i suppose in that scenario, i want to be the owner of the factory making masks, so people can breathe despite the choked up environment? another industry born.

and the problem with that view, is that it is fatalistic. because we CAN protect our national parks. and we CAN insist on protections for water. and we CAN decide to not go that path into heavier industrialization and waste. we CAN decide education is necessary for all, we CAN increase service industries, and we CAN put the good of the people first, WHILE increasing standards of living gradually. we CAN.

what the right wants is the lottery. to pop a few lucky to the top. “not that there’s anything wrong with that “… but where are they stepping?

in the end, have to know that you can’t know. but what is known then is more sure.

so what we know, is that greed sits better as a motivator than fear. so they feed and push the fears, then pop it into greed. which is fine, maybe all those dreams will come true. the waste in the environment will certainly give a shot in the arm to the medical industry.

and trump himself is played. that’s one of the bigger problems. to pin hopes, that a person who has been righteously played– will somehow randomly do the right thing…. is madness. the reason he jumps from topic to topic is because he can’t hold all the items that have been played on him.

we were talking about reality, and getting information from what you have actually seen. so have to remember that trump has been sitting in a tower. his understanding of poor neighborhoods, only first happened when he took a tour of the country… and so he is in the first throws of impact. it freaked him out. he then talks like he is addressing his buddies… “you won’t believe how these people live! ” …. but that has been played on him. and so they have the “genuine” for the masses. and i don’t doubt that trump sincerely wants to make all the airports bright and shiny, all the roads smooth. because he got a shock, that they aren’t that way for everybody. and i sympathize with him. but he is being played. and more importantly, that is breaking his mind. and he most definitively is not calling the shots from washington at this point, if he ever did. so what trump thinks or believes is moot. gone. done.

they had him sign executive orders drafted in such poor language, that it was unreal. so that is a betrayal by his administration. many of them know how to legally form a document. so the question is, why were they so poorly written? he was set up. played.

so anyway…. i’m done. can’t help the moon by screaming at the stars.

the usa is a good country, but it is only one country in the world. when the bigger picture moves to the world, and the observation becomes that the rest of the world might be better off without us… what makes anybody think they won’t give it a go?

that is my final worry. we buy loyalty, and trade on fears. the new world order frightened everyone into silence. but now…. now the silence is beginning to speak. the silence is deafening.

anger and frustration settle like a stink. time to be righteously happy! i do believe that, and i also believe example wins more debate than correctness. meryle streep said something that i thought was very important. “and if you think people were mad when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait ’til you see when they try to take away our happiness.”

don’t let anyone take away your happiness, least of all a peddler like me. sometimes the only way chicken little can cross the road, is to pretend the sky is falling. then again … the sky is not the issue. it’s those damn cars on the road. it’s industry built to fail, so the damage it causes is considered something that will eventually end. and all industry flourishes or fails. all has its time. the view is always going to be different from the side of the road.

chicken little is believed, or is not believed. in the end … we hope to maintain our freedoms. to cross the road when we want, how we want, any day of the week. the freedom to KNOW the sky is falling and yet remain silent. the freedom to join silence, as it breathes the day … the freedom to know that no tomorrow, for any person– is guaranteed. and so i will dance. i will dance to the silence – i will smile even when i know the future is NOT in my hands. because by GOD! the present, IS.

the world may not rise and fall on a little bit of coal slack dumping into once-clean waters. but it is something that leadens the heart, my heart — and makes hope seem so very far away. the dance becomes a shuffle. the shuffle becomes trepidation as the feet stumble. the silence stops. how does the chicken cross the road? it flies.

so when you big bad movers and shakers get done destroying beauty for the sake of greed, look me up. i’ll be the one on the other side of the road. i’ll be the one saying, “i told you so.” over and over and over. and i will be the one dancing to silence. gripping it so fiercely…it speaks.

what is a ghost town? it is the fears left behind, the struggle melted into a piece of wood. it is the silence heard even in a crowd of tourists — walking the street, looking in doors. observing how the dust of the road is probably the same. probably not changed much over the years. a bit of wind sends a cloud of it into your face. and you wipe your eyes. hear the notes of a player piano, coming from a darkened doorway. so you head for the shade, hoping a drink is for sale. instead — the bar is a blackjack table. empty and crying tears of green felt. the sun angles from a window that is just a cut hole in the wall. a man is explaining to the tourists, how this table was one of the first gambling tables, and how valuable it was. the piano tinkling in the background.

but the ghosts? oh, the ghosts were dancing to silence … periodically shaking my hand, as i struggled not to cry. (i was really thirsty).

you want to keep your boom towns … fine. good old coal, at least a few nice songs came out of it. but don’t throw extra waste into the waters to increase your longevity. die with dignity. shake a few hands, and then dance with the silence. we’re waiting for you.


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