time for a basket of pansies and a proof of redemption

just got done reading an article published by fox news, written by a trump tower tenant, insisting on how sane 45 is …. wow the nose a particularly deep shade of brown. one thing he tries to use as proof, is the “stability” of the stock market — or rather the gush. and i’m like — how bright ARE you? the stock market rose because trillions were removed in the bonds market — because investors immediately lost confidence in the american dollar the minute trump was elected.

ok? it’s not a good thing, it is the sign of a coming wave of inflation. inflation that will cost struggling families in how much groceries they can buy, and how many children can go to college. but it won’t cost investors much, because they ride the tanking dollar for all it’s worth.

combine lowering the value of the dollar, with reducing taxes for the wealthy, and eliminating consumer protection, as well as using public lands for oil …..all this doesn’t speak of mental stability in a president– it speaks of heartlessness in a human being, a lack of soul only found in a sociopath — which is what i think is more possible than just a narcissist.

i mean, it’s all well and good, to say that “success” means you cannot POSSIBLY be mentally ill. and in typical fashion, the writer of the article turns his declarations into an advertisement for trump products. step right up! buy from trump! but the price on lies is getting to be a little too much.

and i wonder what else they are selling, when so very many celebrities have drug problems. when the definition of thespian involves an external loci or need for attention. when that need for attention inspires the president to hold classified meetings as if they were dinner theater, makes a public display–because that means he gets an audience.

often, i pictured president Obama up late at night, reading reports and working all hours to make sure he was well-informed… going over material and keeping abreast of international events. that is what a mentally well politician does — they WORK. trump watches fox news and thinks power is the toy that isn’t real unless he uses it. he doesn’t live at the whitehouse — he doesn’t LIVE anywhere. is lost inside himself. a drifter. can’t even actually move into the whitehouse. he has no home. trump has perches.

so argue anything you want — that his lies make you cream your pants. but don’t sit there with a straight face and declare that president trump is perfectly sane. i know a fellow crazy when i see one.

associating trump with mental illness doesn’t detract from trump, it puts down the rest of humanity that is mentally ill. so i agree that labeling trump as mentally ill isn’t fair — it isn’t fair to the rest of the mentally ill. to be grouped with such a big, fat liar. a violent sociopath, when most mentally ill are passive or introverted. no, it’s not fair to the rest of us, and we know exactly where trump belongs.

but unlike his followers, are not happy to be led into the mental illness of mob justice — the “lock her up!” that shows a whole new kind of animal will be entering the mental hospitals in droves, soon.

no … i think trump needs help. but group therapy or any therapy won’t do it. pills won’t do it, i’m sure he already takes all kinds. (probably why needs to be at trump tower or the golf course — the need to be near a stash is over-powering for an addict.)

there is not much about trump that ISN’T crazy. from hair that got stuck in the 70’s — if i had a fara faucet doo my whole life, you WOULD call that a sign and proof of my mental illness! you would! from his hair, to his blatant rhetoric and lies — which again, if i exaggerated everything, and said 50 people attended my party instead of the actual 20 — you would call that a sign of my mental illness! you would! if i waved my hands with constant hand signals — you would tell me to stop it! you would call that a sign of my mental illness! you would!

if i won a contest — and then brought it up at every dinner party, and out of the blue at every chance …. you would call that a sign of my mental illness! you would! if i spoke in public about grabbing men’s balls — you would call that mental illness! you would! if i blanked out, and just did not acknowledge people i didn’t want to hear — you would call that mentally ill! you would!

ok???? ok????? just because crazy is powerful, doesn’t make it less crazy. makes it more dangerous, is all. not good dangerous, the kind of dangerous that means control and manipulation are a swift path to death and destruction.

insanity is catching … don’t you think i know it? i’ll let it go. but you remember what i said. and remember the next time you want to say something i’m doing is proof that i’m mentally ill … think how i’ve proven you wrong. how mental illness is something you consider the person, no matter how good they are, or how bad they are. it is a label that gets delivered to the poor, and not to the rich. it is a label used to divide people from those who have looked into hell, and come out the other side.

trump looked into hell. the problem is, he is still there.


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