how do we blink pink together?

so easy to see oneself as the origin

not as the mirror.

the reactive state, of all reacting
instead of the catalyst

can be a catalyst
but all reacting can make it seem
that the correlation is outside personal or
singular effect

odds are much higher
for an event to seem
central………….. an example:

20 people are out on the beach in the sun,
and begin to turn red

we know that is from the sun, but what if you didn’t know?

the centralized person might say “omg! i caught
a disease and turned red, and then GAVE IT TO ALL THESE PEOPLE!”

but the reason you are seeing a correlation — is not because
something that began with you, but because something
outside of EVERYONE enacted and effect within its capacity as


…………………………………… i often say “something it in the air today”

try to be distal
one thing effecting all
is actually more common than something passing along

there is anger and you wonder how much breath given to flames
and so step back….

they still rage and know it is something else
it is a frustration for an event that threatens stability
and of course, anger does that alone — yet i think
it is not bad but necessary to contest bad

to defeat a problem …. maybe there is need

i suppose those of us that depend on the norm

that hold the norm — as with me, for the sake of not
being called crazy — i must uphold “normal”

and then the hand holding of abe and i think about
how insanity starts ………….


Feedback always welcome

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