circus of the anti-matter stars

it is a circus at this point…. is devos ring one or ring two? ivanka ring 3?
i’m giving up. going to shed my indignity so that i can write a letter or down a beer.

trump broke the enrichment clause by promoting his daughter’s clothing line in the potus twitter. he is in violation of the constitution and is eligible to be impeached. that’s that. (would have to prove trump realized a profit, but daughter dearest i’m sure shared the love). but there are many other points of personal profit popping up, and he sure doesn’t lack for hurting other companies with his position as president, and then promoting their competitors.

impeachment seems too good for him. and then we would be stuck with pence.

then pence finishes pushing republican agenda, we will still have a huge mess to clean up once he’s done.

and the base republicans don’t get it. see, the democrats are good for the consumers, the republicans are good for the sellers. but the republicans are too stood-stupid to realize that sellers are consumers…. and they just send everything off on a spiral of instability. who knows where we will land up.

this trump insanity is obviously a game they are playing and engineered every move. jerks.

set it up for most to be grateful to have pence. set it up for their supporters to feel triumph, even though they are in the same boat with us! will be paying more for groceries just like the rest of us. but it hits those whose groceries are 30% of their income, harder than those whose groceries are 5% of their income.

so it’s a righteous middle finger to the little guy. (me)

and for what? to have an extra boat in their driveway? fools …don’t even know that you start to make people hungry, actually hungry, and they’ll just start taking from you. but beyond that, i truly believe it means they lost their own souls. will sit and gorge themselves while others starve. THE NORMAN PATTERN …. build a wall. when the wall stops working… build a moat. when the moat stops working, charge out and kill all the peasants. when the peasants stop working (because they’re dead), sit in an empty castle and complain about how life isn’t fair.

it truly makes me want to believe that mental illness is hereditary.


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