Trump orders wallow in ambiguity – to implement as His Majesty pleases

so the funny thing, is that trump used an executive order as a department memo.

which is kind of strange to read, wondering the point — and then seeing that the point is to order the treasury department to give him a report on how he is making the country greater every four months.

other, more important executive orders are amended with a glossary to explain trump wording in actual legal terms. which i was glad to see, since reading it through i’m going how ambiguous are we going to be here — “particular matters” ?

“(d) enable American companies to be competitive with foreign firms in domestic and foreign markets;”

“american” legally is the two continents. ???? right????? and how is that law interpreted in action? do we hit foreign business over the head and steal from them so that we are more profitable?

so it’s just an open book to do whatever they want? to just do tariffs however and whenever? “enable” could mean to subsidize every US product.

how do you enforce a law telling the americans to be “empowered” to make themselves wealthy?

“(a) empower Americans to make independent financial decisions and informed choices in the marketplace, save for retirement, and build individual wealth;”

now in legalese — i’m going, what does “empower” mean? if he decides that firing people from cannons is how to empower them — then does he get to do that?

and i’m serious. that is left wide … so they can decide that empowering you to be independent in your decisions means allow no group retirement plans for your company.

“empower” could mean make it harder for people — such as reducing their wages — and therefore motivate americans to play the stock market. and by americans, i am assuming we mean US citizens, and that Donald is not ordering south america and canada, as well?

the executive orders are up on the whitehouse website, i would occasionally go over the obama ones during his term. some were far reaching, but at least the legal language was clear (and correct).

with Trump’s, and on “important” ones, the ambiguous words (about every sentence) are defined after. a clean up job was done — that the reality is it involves an entire rewrite, or rewording to patch it. But the one from Feb 3rd is not appended.

it is not unusual for any legal document to include the definition of a few ambiguous terms. the funny thing on the Trump orders, is that the clarification goes on and on and on….covering wording from every sentence — practically the whole order needs to be re-explained.

and i’m not a lawyer, just know the language. i can’t imagine what lawyers think when looking at this mess. i’m sure they would fire any legal secretary that put together wording like what trump does in his orders. and in the clean-up job, too many terms simply reference another use — like all they did was run the search for it, grab an article number for reference, and insert it.

no wonder our country had no idea of how to implement the immigration ban … i mean really! no fracking wonder.

they are written like a 5th grader trying to sound important with bigger words. and the scary thing about this, is were they written by someone else like bannon, to impress trump, because trump can’t tell they are bad? or are they left wide open purposely by whoever wrote them? or does trump assume he is working with illegal immigrant employees that won’t see the difference between his gibberish and actual legal documentation?

i am just floored. this is disaster. it’s not funny — that law does state in fact that donald trump can shoot YOU from a cannon, if he thinks it will “empower” you. if he thinks nailing you to a cross, on the border wall — will encourage good business — he is giving himself permission to do that. somebody more important than me needs to take this issue up …..

i can’t believe this is what we have as executive orders. are the ones on the website a joke? or is this the real deal?


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