hated stepdaughter to the queen of tongues

was not the wind
below your stride … was not confusion
warming sides
the tilt of fate? the call to greed
was never much a path for me

the pompous honk
the gossip romps
the never finished with the balance
claimed in dirt

yet where was i? more drifting, yet
to look and know exactly where the wrong
was rooted by the wrong i could not follow
how the hypocrite is one i scorn but more

so more than that
we have what we protect
and what we serve

so i began by serving no one
only tamest mind could sit and quietly listen
to all and all
to where your hopes began and where your spite released

to gain the insight possible
to make the view complete

forthwith, unto, furthermore
one thing that never in its lexicon …ever-will-be
not once to be the under for a will of harm
a will that hates and how i sense and read

read and sense
claim the wrong the all you wish
oh claim and claim and yet i stand on
how i saw you blink
how i knew you have your own — and so was tested
every grape upon that vine

why not? i had the time
i know the difference
know how strength is sealed
and how the most will go in lion shares
how sacrifice was not begun, behind your eyes
in pride for all perceived when sacrifice is all

so waited
holding silent
judged … retired myself in youth to play
then work would grow with age
undaunted … yet i know what you have done

i place the reasons for my research
to the to

how often is it said that family is a nothing?
the wise should choose your own — but not my creed — oh no
not in the least
yet see the pledges promised more to time
then falling off as time erodes commitment

therefore blood is blood and blood remains
she never knew me
that is plainly clear — my elder warped her view
and hid me under excrement! i swear! haha
the way is not so hard
and then the thing i wish to solve — is to soothe the anger
the jealousies of not
of not containing matching wit
the scorn that prays their ignorance is better
than the strength in sight
and molded ego
tight and taught and burnished on
the march of books and books and writing woven
true and true

compared and bled
i shall not bleed for you
shall not see the suffered and commit the drain…

what i perceive in you then to
remember is the way
the constance ranges…goes
commitment? even so, i understand and gleaned
she fed you all those years
regarding me

hid me truly under what you thought was gone
to gone and never knew

my explorations needed to tell me greater truths

i sit now, look outside
to opposites of dawn — a sip of tea
i write and think of how you never realized that
what i am or was is simply justice or perhaps
the notion that
truth is only in the flattened field

elsewise nothing shows the truth in feat

(i sip too fast and drips down face
wiped with a hand)

no patience, true
no settled right
for i was given nothing and so i have
made the settled in the motion
in the move

it’s all that one could do
one gentle soul … not seen
only believed in each as ticked and ticked
marked and checked


i set the boundary of what you are allowed to do
and countermand your truth because it was
warped and placed in wrong and understand i know
how love can work so hard to desperately belong

and so she and her son did so
and yes, i know
or rather — guess and see

see i do not wish for anything
what i wish is for children to play and for
smiles to dot faces

as i ride the buses or walk gently to the

buy a few things
smile at the ground

know where you placed me in a mind
your minds that must make sense to plot
the past

but see! i took that all and molded more

i chased it by the shore
loved only so much, when so much had to be let go

i have my own
beyond the test and most beyond the blatant

i have not given mind in daft cement

my life is better limber
better bent

toward justice, however justice sways
the strength
of knowing you are right

was my first quest to garner how that
underwent to never understand

the truth of man

the fact that no one rules me
none shall ever form my world inside their
blank and formless gaze

freedom! yes, my freedom is what you crave
and burdens, lightened

but i have made it less to own
so less owns me

and where my mind is truly free
is noting your complexities begin in simple
with your own parents
and not begun to cry … to weep

see, i don’t look at that and go
oh my! i must change her! oh no … see that
is how we differ

i look at ways as ways
and none are truly right or wrong
the both are right

the all is right
the conflux of this world is written
in the lava
and the sky of bleeding feathers

forming time in sheaths
forming space in confluence

no treaty, no — but stop
the stop is set and you shall not move freely
beyond this line

for i am me and i declare me mine!

refute the justice written in your frown
that never held the right
in information
sewn and bitter … roving clown

i understand the settled and the understood
reviewed your reality before i searched and looked
for greater truths

therefore it is the notes i play
it is the sacrifice i send — where all i am
to tune the makings of the
the best
the heart that knows and does the math
the numbers balanced neatly then to know

that given much by wicked hearts that boast
is nothing …nothing! less than less can be

while given little by a heart that knows
that bleeds … that bends in winds so strong and
so unrelenting

… moved

the little is the more
not that we all should keep a subtle score
but i do

in part because i have the wager
‘gainst my realm

so time, i smile and sip the tea
the coffee churns the stomach
these days … these wider days of outlook
where the looking in is finished

oh SO finished
long ago


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