reverse psychological gears

​apparently the ukraine has erupted in war again, thanks to russia believing trump will not stop them at all.   you voted for trump, this is what you caused.  which fine, rulers cause pain and death all the time.  but how much good is balanced against that?   a bunch of dying old people and their bank accounts are safe, but youth gets to live choking and coughing on pollution… while produce cost goes through the roof and the world laughs at a wall.

and as the spanish inquisition starts against muslims, which i really don’t care about since it doesn’t effect me….. except for the manager at walmart…. the store runs much more smoothly since she took control.  and my first employers were palestinians.  ran a donut shop.  i got so fat that summer….

who am i kidding.  still am.  but in my defense, being thinner always correlated with not just insanity…. but the kind of crazy only thinner people are able to achieve.  better safely fat than sorry.  

meanwhile in the ukraine, russia has renewed its take over efforts.  here in the usa we feel like it can’t be happening.  every time i simply have to turn back to the little things, it involves actually going into a different world!  where i have to imagine that everything happened as it should have, and hillary is president, and there is no increased turmoil in the middle east with iran and iraq banning together to throw out america…. and no war starting up again in the ukraine…. people starving and freezing….. i have to literally dissolve that… the world that happened with putting an inexperienced entertainer in charge…. and i have to replace it with a different world.  one that chose sanity over misogyny. one that chose stability and clear purpose.  that is the world i have to step into, to leave this disaster behind.

i’m sure it doesn’t help for the ukraine.  they are stuck with the world trump is giving them.  and you think it wasn’t planned?  russia helped get the win, then usa helps russia win the syrian war against rebels by denying sanctuary…. and the usa helps russia take the ukraine.  

so congratulations on that.  i’m going to sip my tea and pretend trump never took the whitehouse.  i’m going to live in a pretend world, for now.   sanity requires that i imagine something different.  

its not that i didn’t tell you.  but would rather believe i am wrong, couldn’t take me at face value for a change.  oh well.  considered the trump administration my gift to you for not believing in me.  it’s so easy to get them to do anything.  scary thing.

btw i do care about those across the world who are effected by the evil of the usa trumps.  i am so sorry.  i should have promoted him in the election.  i should have waved around pictures of trump saying how good he was…. then he would have never won.


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