the nose that leads

and he is a liar. can’t trust any statement by president trump. fox news are liars. can’t trust any statement by fox news (except local channels). when someone or something is a liar, then facts must be checked, and opinion is discarded because it is the opinion of a liar.

the opinion of a liar is no good. things are said to manipulate, and a liar is a manipulator. they are garbage. twist everything to have the belief in you the way they want it.

the liar president says that the news lies. the news that is credible, and has proven its accuracy. when the lying president only proves that he lies more.

it would be nice to believe. we are used to having presidents that at least told the truth to the people of the usa. but the realityshow star trump believes he is just doing another show, and that honesty is not necessary.

he is the type of liar that thinks it’s funny to be distrusted, the type of liar that believes he gets ahead by not having integrity and keeping others off balance.

when it comes to the muslim bans, he made clear in campaign speeches–called it radical muslim–and trying to place it as security NOW is what is strange. what world event has occurred? what large terrorist event happened last thursday? what makes THIS week so much more dangerous than last week that we have to shut down transportation?

but since we are dealing with a liar, we have no idea WHY. only that the explanation of “better vetting” is horse shit, because the process in place is already extensive, and we have NO need for a shut down to enact a change of vetting policy. there is no need for a shutdown, changes have been made in the past by the departments without grinding it all to a screeching halt. all that does is BACK UP the system…. so once it goes again the waits and danger levels to refugees will be even higher.

president trump stopped transportation to demonstrate he can abuse power with impunity. that is all. if you can’t see that, then maybe you have been excusing your own abuse of power for too long.


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