holographic universe

a find
a spark of pattern
to behold is quantified
within the wrong spot on the grid
of sheer design
and still
my soul cries only slightly
brought down to where one
consistent energy
is how i go up
up… toward where there is no place
to see me land
time is only drifting sand
and the one thing
that never
was beautiful
to you
is the one thing
about me
that i hold as true

and never
too far
are the plans for my dross
never too close
are the plans for the little things
that remind me
why life is subtle…

drift and rumble on the outside
the plot of time and space
where tradition
then is nothing
it’s a smile that tamed your face

and human thought
is only
as far as one
loose thought can go….

to reach and touch the painting
to guide
the color’s flow…..

they go up
farther beyond growth remands
they go past
into factoring
the insignificance of man

and when i
light a candle
and breathe
one more dream

perhaps i’m simply calling to
the order
so deeply
bound in countless particles
that fall and blend
and then …my Lord!
in every seam
seem left behind


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