formatted to conquer reticense between supplication

the aching juxtaposition of games tied with too many inadequacies

culmination of exhaustion for hopes to be lost on complicated planes of intersecting collaboration

the fine tune of where a next foot falls

compassion the only bartering chip

continuously burdened by gravity of emptiness-looking-outward-ly

distal to the proximity of heart

stored and shelved for inward days


there is no reflection that lied
the lie was in place before any solid gaze

dissected perplexities on mornings and eves

complicating loneliness in a warm cup of coffee or tea
taken sip at a time
between platitudes and eternal exaltation

understanding is a breath taken…
and then released

driven to be
is to BE… satisfied awkwardly

boned up on the necessity of heart
too many forget none exists for the Wanderer
for the sight that was released from culpability

to rest warmly only on unplanned
on days that become night from a lack of light
rather than the egregious march of time

we know so well
metered and bitter
but never confessed at all

i was lost
to never regret found diatribe

hidden is the only safe place
to re-mind dreams… tainted
within knowledge that best was behind

the door of a shop created by love
and worry only over perfection

not over inclusion
to a state of desperation

the anchor yawns
casts doubts
convoluted for a moment in reality
solidified by differences

parsed beyond the refugee from a setting sun
truth had its cost
when the easiest way to avoid weariness

was to awaken without ever really having been asleep
then, too
easiest way to avoid consciousness was to sleep the while

and avoid remorse of wit

true tears speaking joy are silent
receive only a nod

and multiples of understanding that Alone is a path measured
by reward, not


oh that is my keep!

that reduction is where i flow and only hope beckons
answered constantly and continually with

” wait and see ”

i cannot come online
until the last drop falls
not until most can remember the sun
will i throw my lot in

having the largest debt and anchor
having faith that listens one time
and one time only
a voice that is silent
and redeemed

by awe

for lots thrown will outweigh confliction

what is one who has rested through the night?
to bring day satisfied in a work of might
and reserve

time will always tick…
tock is the deepest sorrow

the furthest one weighted
in the course of a pendulum
offsets and friction
denies contest

looks at winning as a point of weakness
to perceive goals as finite
those who suffer from a need to
the praise of others
and so, too… crave scorn like
mother’s milk

when continuance is everything
that is not tied

i left the knowledge of her world
at the foundation of my heart
i hold every forgiveness written
before every act
and pardoned before any action

the light was received from an insanity
of belief
that saw God in the place no one else looked

that listened and heard silence
the notes of every deity speaking at once

relieved to settle on perception

do you know how i walk in the forest?

i note the air
and smile when i touch a tree

my feet have no destination
and that is the point

that is the redemption of determining
that peace is folding inward
for an eternity of freedom that CAN defeat

every single damn time


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