from this place to there

kiss his very pompous ass. what everyone has to do. or the commander in tweet will mention a name and stock will plummet. are we at the greater america yet?

tired — you think YOU’re tired? i wish i could worry about puppies and butterflies. or how well water works for a diet aid. but instead i’m caught in this infuriation. it’s that stunned state of being, when you find yourself asking, “ARE PEOPLE REALLY THIS STUPID?????” and then the answer is yes, yes they are.

i’m thinking most don’t get how everything so far is underplayed. for a change, the press is actually working to NOT panic the public. but i just read more about the latest damage committed via thumb-twitch. and i’m past shaking my head — i’m shaking my head with my eyes bugged out.

the soon-to-be commander in tweet is like a two-year-old with a hammer. and everyone is just sitting back watching him swing it, with no thought that maybe a two-year-old shouldn’t be given a hammer. fact is, i HOPE it is mindless. because if the destruction is not mindless, that means he knows.

from here, i want to go where this stupid doesn’t affect me. the problem IS, there is no such place. i’m supposed to concentrate on mundane and normal things in life — find the ironies! find the sensibilities. but all that IN me, was based on the knowledge that tomorrow was not going to unravel every single step made so far.

why should i bother with art? why should i write, or do anything– when it’s all going to be meaningless under the 5th reich? when the only art that will gain steam will be portraits of his royal highness? to please the royal monarch? because if you don’t, he will put your name up and have his trolls hunt you and kill you in your sleep. or shoot you at an airport.

so i don’t see a world here for me. the russians get back at america for the sanctions that cut russian currency in half … we did that to them this last year. we kicked their ass HARD. so they made it a priority to get the candidate that promises to lift their sanctions. they plotted and interfered, and were all over the internet pretending to be american citizens, and pitting americans against americans. you think you’re hating a democrat, but it’s really a russian. you think a right-wing nut is going off on you — but it’s really a russian.

and i shouldn’t be pissed off. i should find the better place. just ignore washington dc, think of it as something far away. as i pay more and more for groceries, and have less and less to get by every month — i should just sit and think about what? because it’s going and gone… the fall is irredeemable. WE ARE SCREWED. are looking at 2 generations, maybe 3– where the poor language skills of mr. trump reign supreme. are looking at hearing the rhetoric out of the mouths of babes, and how are the teachers to correct them?

it’s a nightmare of unlearning that would need to happen — and so it won’t happen. why should anyone bother? why should good literature even happen, when no one will understand anything because it isn’t 10 words or less sentences with repeated punch words every 8 words and combined with sign language in a waving of anger and dominance that you hypnotically trust because the punch words hit at the right spot to lead you into concurrence.

we will have horrid repetitions of the idioms and the mannerisms — that have no manners. no responsibility for the damage he does. and a law CAN be made, we can base it on not allowing the president to man his own private militia. have congress write a law that the POTUS cannot tweet, or facebook, or instagram — no social media unless in the formal capacity of the office of president. just outlaw it. but the fact that we need to do that is difficult, to make that step. thing everyone needs to remember, is that it’s a two-year-old swinging a hammer, and SOMEBODY needs to yank it out of his hand.

why should i bother with writing or art — when the next swing will destroy everything i’ve worked for? when it will cut it’s way through everything civilized. and for what? oil? great, the oil and fracking marches onward. and i pay more for groceries. those who have cars pay more for gas. and land speculators like his royal tweeter just get richer and richer (land speculation booms with inflation). and the royal ass that requires every american and NON american kiss it over the entire world — then plans to make tax laws to leave his family more money by lowering the taxes on himself.

i don’t speak any untruth here. i will make voodoo dolls and set them on fire … i don’t know what to do. i will leave it, i guess. try to ignore all the children i will hear talking and bragging and acting out exactly like trump. (but we all know i will be telling them to mind their manners). and the ones that will fall to imitating bad examples is the lower class. not the middle or the rich. the ones that will use the technique and then LOSE more — and go farther down into poverty. america just shat on the children of the lower class. the kids i see walking home every day.


the other place i can go, is to forget the world exists, and not give an artless fat-kidneyed dewberry. which of course i can. but i’m pissed. i will remain pissed. i won’t contribute to a world like this. you all made your bed, you get to lay in it. or you SET IT RIGHT.


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