for some reason, trump keeps repeating over and over that there is no way to catch a hacker. which is a lie. the fbi caught the russians red-handed — while they were actively in the DNC servers. it wasn’t coming home and finding the house robbed— it was coming home and finding the robber standing in your living room.

it WAS NOT “we were hacked! now we have to find out who did it.” NO !!!! it was “we are BEING hacked right now! don’t scare them, we will set up new servers while we work – over several days…weeks! to trace where the hacking is coming from. then we will confirm that with agents on the ground at the locations. (info via Los Angeles Times)

this is not some movie, where the “actual” hacker “pretended” and so no one can know who it is ……… that’s not how it works and not how it goes down.

the incoming network call to the DNC computers was traced back through the relays. and while i think it was Die Hard that showed a hacker “faking” their relay — that’s not real-world science. it’s fiction. the trump “expertise” on hacking is from fiction!

so somebody tell the idiot-in-chief to get it right! before he makes an even bigger ass of himself in asian newspapers — where 90% of their populace know more about computers than he.

whole thing bothers me as an american, AND as a tech. they think we’re stupid enough as it is.


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