where the pillars were salty screams

i don’t know
try to find the answers
get stuck somewhere between what can be understood
by me
and what will be understood by the non-me

there are too many variables
to make ratios out of convergence

one role after another roll
the only thing necessary is a matter
a conjunction
a particulation …of respect

how do we flow toward comprehension or freedom?

oh no … it is not something anyone controls by calling
the next move

what is comfort?

i like having coffee first, if i can
a prelude to the rude breakfast

and still remember – have the images engraved on my soul
of the found living skeletons in concentration camps
the question of exactly how much starvation kills? because it
did not kill quickly there
no … that was an unnatural sight

that is what comes to mind when i contemplate
how many lies are probable
concerning the details of health
what we consider bodies
culminations of temple or torture

all you have to do to lose weight is eat the same thing
day after day
that’s all
it’s the same with animals
if you feed them variety, they gain
if you put them on same
they lose

bodies balance out when they know what to expect
i’ve known that since i was 16

the trick is to be fat enough to ward off males
but not so fat as to draw taunts…

that’s all. what are YOUR priorities?
mine are survival, and i never saw playing
on looks as a winning game
(bow out when you can, with excuses of the
poor critter that is just not good as you
all at this thing…)

everyone grows old and the skin sags
you either accept that
or you don’t

it never matters what the world sees as valuable
it’s what you see in yourself as valuable

when my blood pressure registered as normal
i did not question what it WAS
now i question if it isn’t reversed
less pressure will push past the squeeze
and it’s the heart has less power as it ages
to combat the device measuring it

i’m not sure it matters if not challenged
it’s like saying my head hurts when i hit it
and your answer is to take aspirin

the problem is the industry covets its knowledge
so all knowledge it eagerly offers is suspect

how you hold your actions as necessary
or fruitless

mostly i wake up and tackle the day one impulse at a time
search to uncover that glowing trail
the part of following or finding

interactions …
don’t be so fascinated that you pause too long


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