and the writer needs to write, darn it!

have decided i like the normal, responsive keyboard of the older thinkpads, the last made with the right kind of keyboard are those with 2nd gen intel cpus … it’s much easier to type, and that’s kind of an important feature for a writer! lol …. so it’s a good little machine. am going to give the newer ideapad with the chicklet keyboard to the church. i just can’t adapt to the flat keys, and thing is the flat keys are good if you live with someone else and need to type QUIETLY — i don’t have that need. and the normal “spring” keys just feel more sure. i hit a key and know that is the key i hit. i could type while blind on this good old fashioned type of keyboard. i don’t need to hunt for ‘home’ — it’s just there.

i’m going to upgrade it, santa is bringing me a 500 gig msata SSD … big smiles on that one. so with the 1 TB drive and 500 ssd, and i5 cpu — it will have quite a lot under the hood. lol. part of me loves that, something that looks humble and unassuming on the outside — but souped up on the inside. and the “normal” type of keyboard really is better than the “new” flat chicklet keyboards. the chicklet ones LOOK fancy and smoother and slick — but they don’t use well at all. i always had to hunt for home, instead of just knowing where it was.

that was an ideapad — but from what i can see of the newer thinkpads, it’s the same flat keyboard. the classic is better. good example of when they should have left something alone. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. and i blame apple — the “style” is to copy apple macbook. and i understand the need to be competitive. but that’s kind of going in the wrong direction type of competitive, like racing to the bottom.

no, there isn’t better than the normal keyboards that seem to have gone out of fashion in modern laptops. maybe i depend on the spring, that little bit of lift they give to each stroke. maybe it’s kind of more satisfying, to be able to “type louder” and with emotion, even. where the chicklet is all flat, no personality! oh well, i am going to have to buy up a dozen of the old, in 12 different models for every mood. 🙂


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