the last drop in a cup filled with lies

the reason coffee is bad
is because it is expensive and also
not particularly tasty, nor particularly good for you…

any correlation between coffee drinking and less
suicide, is likely a correlation between
the morning ritual of drink
and the stability that ritual brings

the poop factor, is from warmth in a drink
you can drink warm water to same effect, and
so the ‘gastrin’ effect, if anything, is a false
way to make the stomach believe it is emptying of
food. which without food, then can be problematic
to the system

the idea that energy from caffeine, which is a vaso-dilator
and simply brings more oxygen to the brain…can be
equally done by a thing called movement- exercise

get the blood flowing …. the coffee habit and ritual
is one that fakes the body into believing it has moved
and eaten and is up and awake

where reality is better served by actually doing, than dreaming

no, coffee is not good for you.
it is a self-reinforcing habit
and habits are good for you … there are just
better habits and good reason to leave the
coffee communion
for drinking something that actually tastes good to you
for moving the body with exercise and beginning
days without the dark medicine
— without the cruel deception
of the coffee bean


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