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it kind of bothers me that they don’t know the difference between comprable and comparable. comprable is you will get the same function. like eating an apple is comprable to a vitamin shot. is not very comparable, because there are too many differences.

comprable means similar function despite contrast. so it is contrast and comparison. comparable is comparison only.
i grew up with comprable, and not going to have it taken away to be left with the much weaker word, comparable. if something is comprable, it is comprable, not comparable. saying the windows phone is comprable to the iphone means you will get the same use out of it. saying it is comparable just means you are able to compare it, not that you are able to use it to equal satisfaction.

comparable means able to compare, which if you look hard enough, anything in life is comparable. the sky is comparable to the trees. comparable is you can find some similarities. comprable means one thing can be switched out for the other, in FULL similarity. like the new first lady might be comparable to michelle obama, they are both female. but unless she can perform similarly well, she will never be comprable to michelle obama.

so those trying to take away the word “comprable” can go jump in a lake. it has a function. you’re just trying to mess with minds. comparable to a jack ass, but comprable to nothing in your singularity as the fascist ruler of words.

my writing might be comparable to dickens, but never comprable to dickens… for that implies you could remove dickens and replace it with me.

and of course my writing is not even comparable, but you get the point. a life in the city is comparable to life on a farm. but it will never be comprable to growing up on a farm. the stirring of a heart is comparable to the lift of a butterfly. but they will only ever be comprable if a butterfly learns how to pump blood.



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