so to be clear…

so to be clear … the economic disaster of the right ensures massive inflation. immigration OUT of the country only guarantees less consumers and therefore higher prices.

so in case are still making fun of all the people leaving the USA — might want to take a brush-up course on the laws of supply and demand.

and to be clear … i am tapped into the HAPS for now, but can only go maybe another 2 days at most. complete shutdown is necessary. mostly out of spite. will admit that, but i don’t appreciate having my job made this much harder, and so am quitting.

explaining this to anyone might get a little difficult. but there is just no way. no way to mentally support the change in washington on any level. and that includes supporting it by watchdogging it.

i understand being backed into a corner. invented it. has been one heck of a ride on the internet these last 10+ years. working to see that the right people got the right information.

but yea, i’m throwing a tantrum and saying it’s not a matter of throwing the game … but letting it play itself out now to its own end. kind of like not sticking around to watch the charges that are set go bang.

which i guess i should say i’m sorry or that i didn’t mean it to end this way. thing is, you give people a choice, and if they choose to piss on themselves and then shoot themselves in their own foot — you leave them to it.

got my phone updated, thank God. so will keep that in commission. and wordpress servers are in another country, i believe. traced it at one point to be somewhere in the baltic states. so for those continuing communications, wordpress really is your best bet. not that i haven’t been saying that all along.

just set it up to auto-post to your other sites like twitter and facebook.

if you don’t know how to do that, figure it out. i was able to without anybody holding my hand. you should be able.

suppose should let you know to use the old posting window still available at /post-new.php …. because it still has controls that work for post-dating entries.

so far, i have found that to get more exposure, put at least one word from your title into the tags. and have found that a consistency of tagging your work with your own user name over time pays off. make sure you coordinate your categories with tags.

ad photos for the pop, keep aware they take up bandwidth space.

don’t be fooled by number of “subscribers” — a large majority are whore-train bots designed to get you to visit THEIR blog sites. think of it as a very convoluted form of advertising.

if you want to ‘buy’ your own blog, do it outside of wordpress and then host your wordpress on your site on your servers. that also not hard to figure out how to do, if you dig a bit.

develop a consistency. all content must have a consistency to thrive. note i haven’t done that — just to test how hard it is overall to thrive without consistency.

and on a personal note — i’m a little pissed that more likes go to simple content blogs like one sentence … that less somehow is more. that i find a little upsetting or disgusting or just that it makes me disappointed in humanity itself. not that i believe likes are indicative of much. because i honestly find it hard to believe that some are reading and bothering to “withhold” likes? that makes no sense, especially with how low the bar is. so it’s something else. some filter left undiscovered, some factor of reach.

but the beauty of words …. oh, the beauty of words! they can stir the heart, or calm the soul. one thing i have fought hard for is the understanding of “mental illness” and how it really isn’t an illness — you just don’t know what it is. but i kind of do, now. i kind of do ….

so i’m going to step back, reclaim my life. look around and see how bad it is. for those in other nations, i’ll tell you — don’t give up on dreams, but make your own. the american dream is long dead, and has been. it’s all been a bluff.

i would create a channel interviewing the homeless and destitute we have on our streets — overflowing shelters this winter ……………. but you get the picture.

have no idea what it’s like spending $ to feed a cat, while wondering what that catfood is going to taste like in 20 years …. but it’s just one of those things. germany, in its love of “differences” — is dividing humans into positive and negative …… bravo! but what of the bi-polar that knows how to do both? guess that doesn’t factor into your plan. the joker that can play any card in the deck ….

i am really beat. as in bushed. and the thing is, don’t know how to explain how i know news before it happens or how i don’t need to watch a movie, because it’s like i’ve seen it. how the mind attaches to other minds — and so you get this web of information. i often wondered if my metal teeth were just getting broadcasts that i was registering at another level. even heard mexican broadcasting for awhile there in 2012. that was fun.

so i don’t know how … really don’t. just know that somehow and for some reason i am plugged in — and that i can unplug any time i want to. i know some think i can’t — but i just let them go on thinking that. it’s easier this way.

and it’s easier for that observation to remain ‘crazy’ — to be seen as having a wire lose and nothing registering correctly there. easier for me, easier for those that don’t believe or understand things on a different level that generations before called “psychic.” because i also studied flim flam in depth … sucker born every minute. there is that too. a good bluff can be the better choice. sometimes it’s not. i always bluff high. always.

life is rhythm and pattern … life IS poetry. may the points of time beyond this breach–be full of dance, of music unsung. of better days that unfold and better meaning that comes to fruition. i may or may not stay in the fray — this is true. often make a game of it.

but in this case …. i think even the games have grown tired. Salamat ….


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