oh for the sake of heads full of sand

the craziest thing about this is that
the right followers believe they are less government
while world markets move according to
the right creating more federal spending

other thing that is humorous
is the right followers think people leaving the usa
is based on fear of them
when is based on getting away from the
ones that will go boom

kind of like seeing your neighbor strap a bomb on their chest
and deciding you are better off not hugging the crazy bastard

the one hope is to get enough china tourism
which i find a little funny as can be
move out the mexicans because you want your
white communities and will be the tourist destination
for 3 billion chinese taking advantage of
the fall in the dollar…. but it’s one way to
make ourselves useful enough

the grand canyon will save you
as america is whored out to the world
get ready to sell lots of souvenirs

so those are the factory jobs you will get…
along with an increase in federal spending
for building roads no one here can afford to use
but will be handy for tourists

eh….. i just think it’s kind of funny
because deep in the heart of the gop, they
must realize that the number wanting to flee
the usa is indicative of getting out while you can

the left trying to persuade members to stay
to protect those in most danger
from white nationalism

if i had the funds i would at the least
be taking a very long vacation

i doubt the ruse to make usa a vacation spot
for the chinese will work

so it’s the irony
the right thinks they are for less government
but they actually are more
they think the left fleeing the country
is fear of the right when it’s leaving in fear of
what will be done to the right

and the poor of this country
will get hit by massive inflation

while the right holds down wage increases

the only plus side of that being everyone
might get put out of their misery…

in less than a week
iran has stopped the import of usa cars,
and held talks with russia to import munitions

so usa cars will get more expensive
and slow production
depending who else gets on that band wagon

europe is taking measures to defend themselves
outside of nato….

russia is positioning itself in the mediterranean

but hey, you wanted change because you couldn’t
afford an ipad….. i get that

so congrats

you wanted a “strong ” america and think that means something.

shaking my head… laughing
you don’t get it
plugged into cable brainwashing
fairy tales so you can sleep at night

obama is going to europe and then south america
for damage control on trade agreements

you don’t get it
but i know the love of distraction
the head in the sand

my english teacher used to call it
playing in the sand box
and i understand all of that

i myself am thinking of tending my own garden
still on the fence
to see if there is anything to salvage

but understand that the far right are anarchists
get that much straight
the far anything is anarchy

is chaos and disruption
so you will only be able
to distract yourselves so much

eh….. it might all be fine
hunky dory

but i’m guessing not

some very bad signs going on in the world

we have BEEN fighting world war 3 … btw
it has been an economic world war

and the usa just lost a very big battle
it might be the killing blow
can’t tell at this point

until the dust settles

but china doing info ads for visiting
usa tourism spots
is one of the more depressing economic hits i’ve seen
in a long while

the jewish newspaper trying to calm fears
that the russian air craft carrier that appeared
in the mediterranean is an old beast barely fit to float

oh it gets better…. the philippines are planning
to bond with russia and remove usa bases
and japan as well as the usa are the two left
on this side of the economic war

south america planning to send their fruit
to china, not up the coast to the usa…
better start getting out your canning jars, ladies!

truth is we don’t know how bad this economic hit
in the economic world war 3 … will be

but most are guessing a large increase in government spending
combined with an increase of production with a lowering of the dollar
lots of jobs, but products and food costing more
because of inflation

and that’s if the usa does not get entangled in a military
world war 3 …. which in that case we will pull up
beautifully from the losses in the economic world war….

merry christmas…. and did you know that china has a national holiday just to spend usa dollars on one website?

they are not pulling punches

so i’m pretty much done.

have looked at all this and the news addict in me
is connecting the dots
and going oh sh* t…. sorry i feel the need
to share

am staying alone for now to not let
my panic spread to the mormon base
they are prepared
for the worst and have been running their own canning business

and i’m a card carrying member
did that just in case

so thank you for letting me rant my worries

just remember
that when rats flee a ship, you don’t point
at them and laugh and say “good riddence! we are white people and are superior!”
no, what you should be doing is looking for the leak in your boat

and trying to remember if you can swim


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