how many lies are we going to tell

we are going to be blown to smithereens
put down like a mad dog

that’s what i would do
i think about the election
and every paper that took a risk to fight …

and think about the world
i just hope they get mitch mcconnell
wish we could chain him to one of
the ground zeros

but that’s the thing
washington families will have a bunker
and be protected
and go on and propagate

and the rest of our families
will be sucking on nuclear lollipops


i woke up today knowing this

knowing time was no longer
something un-scarce

you know what it’s like to be killed for another man’s greed?
we will all find out

sorry …. should be pleasant

the butterflies are just beautiful today!
at 4:00 in the morning
they are amazing and the flowers! oh the flowers
are like ripe petals in the moonlight
glistening with new love and joy ….

there ……. got your foo foo fluff ….

have a nice day


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