the problem is the math

if you want to be informed

read the paper

if you want to be a member of reality
don’t plug into cable news reality
they will be having you jumping like
scarecrows — serving their ends

read the paper
subscribe to the paper

encourage reading and turn off the tv’s
let go of the 144 channels that you think
keep you informed….

read the paper and do not fall
for faces twisted in calculated scorn

don’t pay hundreds of dollars for cable
read the paper
watch the internet
decide on sources that have integrity

major tv news outlets made up their own stories
(fox) this election
that is not an exaggeration
they even took some of their stories
from the “national enquirer”
a rag used to determine
just how gullible housewives standing in grocery lines
really are….
not a single tv news program is credible

no … order the newspaper
or read your home paper online
responsible journalism

teach your children to read
to learn what spin IS on tv

reading is not a thing just for ‘elites’
it is a thing for ALL the people
a factor of equality
discernment …

read the paper and read reality

leave the twisted dreams of television behind
they are not your dreams
they are fed and grown to suit
a world of consumption
a world using you to its own ends…

read the paper


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