the one thing i can’t get beyond
is the anti-woman issues

i suppose it’s always more real
when bigotry is happening to you

i turn on a football game
try to pretend i’m in “normal” space
and then the camera pans
to half naked women on the sidelines….

and the truth of ‘it’s a mans world’ is too
harsh and real … so i turn off the tv

mostly disgusted and feeling like there is no way
to help the oppressed when they
themselves believe they are less

only good for the pleasure of others

not for their actions

of course i knew this
all along … but had a different vision

and so my thought was equality
people looking at others as people first
and whatever gender or role as secondary or not at all…

but now,
this is not possible and thwarted in the cruelest way …
i will look at men as LESS
for they have proven themselves to be LESS

and i will find peace
in knowing that there is a problem with human males
that they are susceptible to manipulation
they are more weak in the mind
think rarely on consequence

determine their own pleasures as necessity
even over survival! it is a sore realization…

i cannot make women see themselves as equal
to not dance and cater to the world of men

i cannot grip each male by the throat
and force them to pay attention

but i can say that you now have a nation
of women that realize now how oppressed
they are and have been

a nation of subjects — subjugated to men
that will be more aware of their oppression

in some ways, a flood gate has been opened
a river of sorrow that will not flow as tears

the lands will dry up and the crops will not grow
the life you depend upon will fall slowly into panic
the world of men will find that they forgot

who is the chalice
who holds their fate
these lands are done being kind
done being blessed

i have no worry that man will continue
but he will do so without my intercession

i am Earth — i am that which you live upon
and have disgraced
i am woman
i do not flow with anger

i ring with dismissal


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