oh for the heck of the rising task of nations

probably the wrong move
protest seen by the world
demonstrates to the world
that americans are not with trump
and then they will be lenient
with a trump regime
due to the understanding
that most americans are not
part of the malace

like using democrats for a human shield

i truly believe the only course
of action is to tend
our own gardens

and make voodoo dolls
those who think it is simply
a republican control
…. another reign like bush

are fostering a delusion
to redeem their inadequacy

the reason there is no way to
predict a trump presidency
is because a liar is
unpredictable by definition

that does not make them clever
or bold
that makes them evil and shortsighted

and on a personal note
the church in california that sneered
at me for having relationships
outside of marriage and for having
one divorce
and who are republican…

all i can say is that
hypocrite is a big word
to be stamped on all your foreheads

especially when a google
of your first lady
will now turn up
photos of the first arm candy
in a nude photo spread with
hand cuffs attached to one arm

it’s gq magazine, not penthouse
but a national magazine with plenty
of copies worldwide
that no industrious pr scrubbing
can fix

news is that teenage boys
are ecstatic that they now
have permission to be pussy grabbers

and all your girls will be inspired
to spend more time putting on make up
than getting a college degree

the foreign policy trump advisor
is from lebbanon, not israel
a very dangerous man
who has woven his way into
US politics

no republican so called
commitment or control
is going to change any of that

the supreme court is promised to be rigged
and filled with partisans
on the right ruling for right
policy, not for upholding the law…

hold on, my phone won’t stop ringing
nobody has confidence in me
to let me be and deal with this in my own way…
i’m just a feeble woman, after all

with no place but to be
as weak and only a thing
used and then thrown away….

i have lost faith in all the republican conservatives
they are either dangerous fools
or evil to the meat of their bones

protest…. yes.

but later, we will find a way to
use programming for families
to immediately block
any appearance of a president trump
on their screens

we can do that much
in the computer industry
to help reduce the exposure

to a madman that an insane people
voted into power


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