there are no words

when america decides to be fascist
there are no words

when the future is to be a superpower for harm
there are no words

when time stopped and no amount of hope is enough
there are no words

when hate is the happy of the people
there are no words

and how does prophecy arrive at doom?
there are no words

and how does integrity not stoop as low as the enemy?
there are no words

how fast can an empire find its decline?
there are no words

where can the love of a better future hide?
there are no words

the instinct to dig in
to clump and burrow in place…
there are no words

badger hunting a favorite pastime
in THIS reality
there are no words

the point of no return is now done
the finality of fate cast
there are no words

i have told my piece
had my say
given my best to show reason in the face of insanity

but now thoughts are finished
i’m sorry for this end
sorry i see more than you can imagine

sorry i did not have a way counter this evil
and i’m sorry that no song of mine
can lull the world to sleep

this is the way of conquest
this is how hate and the demeening of women will find purchase

this is the “great” of rome falling
her white monuments drowning in blood …

there are no words

you think it’s ‘typical’
and i laugh

it’s not loss spelling despair
it’s reality crashing through on so many levels
where the one lie you tell yourself
your whole life
is that you are NOT LESS FOR BEING A WOMAN

but now the boom falls
the shackles tighten
the cell is small and dark and full
of the laughs of satan…

and there are no words


i never believed in false hope. the craving is for prophecy of good or resurgence, of fight. i’ll tell ya, this is not something i can paint in any good way. we have taken a different course entirely from our allies. that means we will soon have no allies. russia does not keep allies, they keep subjects. it will be swift and painful, or slow and painful. it will go backward now, not to any good times, but to the very bad. that’s how it works, you can only go forward for good.

so am wishing all a way to find peace and possible survival. and i will remind the right that they didn’t win, none of us won. america lost last night … lost her morality, dignity, integrity. and i’m sorry, because some lessons in reverse psychology come true. i do have one word: run.


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