the right to die with eyes open

When it comes to the gun issue. I imagine everyone has heard that statistically, if you own a gun you are more likely to be injured by a gun. When I researched the numbers myself, what surprised me was that this isn’t mostly an anti-gun issue, it’s an anti-suicide issue.

Over half of the gun deaths in the USA are the gun owners turning the weapon on themselves. It puts new light to entire thing, where the right to bear arms is actually a right to commit suicide.

Maybe the real issue is assisted suicide. Maybe anyone thinking about the need for a gun in their house, should think about how they want to go on living or do not want to go on living.

We have this image, of the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms as this noble thing of courageous americans wielding weapons. But most will use those weapons on themselves.

That’s not very courageous. So maybe the NRA – the national rifle association – should be the NSA … national suicide association. Oops, that one is taken. Ok, so NASA … national assisted suicide association ….. Oops, that one’s taken, too. How about freedom to eat bullets association?

Not to be cold and heartless … but for heaven sakes, the biggest danger from all of these guns is the danger to those owning them.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so insanely tragic.

We need to admit there is a problem with that — if you have an army and armed citizens that are shooting themselves more than they are shooting other people, then something is not right about the whole thing. Imagine if we sent soldiers to war, and for every 100 enemy soldiers killed, we lost 120 soldiers that SHOT THEMSELVES …. that is beyond losing the war. That is called pack up your bags, go home and seek therapy.

Right to bear arms IN THE UNITED STATES — is now the right to commit suicide.

That is not something you sweep under the rug. That is something that you go “oops” and think about plan B.



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