Cutting service-based spending

The bigger issue for a revelation of economic woes, is the ratio of service-based to product-based spending.  Or the industry of producing either services or products.  

One thing we don’t address, when asking children what they want to be when they grow up… Is if they wish to produce a service or a product.  

I can definitely say that I have felt more fulfilled as a person when I was a part of a product creation, rather than a service creation.  But a majority of jobs, especially jobs for women, are about delivering a service for a price.

We do not see these differences in today’s society.  Jobs are mostly categorized according to amount earned, and that’s it.  Or they are categorized in such a complex manner at university job centers, that no readily available distinction emerges.

Are you selling a product or a service?  Most don’t approach this question their lifetime, because the one and only thing they appear to be selling is their time.

And so the person who has their own business, will be more aware of how they fit in to the larger economic picture.  The person who contracts their own time in the delivery of a service, are more cognizant of the need for that service, and how to keep it alive.

The same goes with a product, and any necessity to plant middle men along the path of its sale.  For instance, I want to buy a grocery cart.  Now if I go to the manufacturing website, I see an order form and no ability to buy one cart.  They are sold only 2 or more at a time for $130 each.  Now on Amazon, I can buy one cart from a middle man, for $260.  So in this case, the middle man is working for $100 profit.  

Which then, what is keeping me from buying 2 carts from the manufacturer, and selling one, therefore not spending double the price on one cart.

So we have three areas, really.  Selling a product, selling a service, and padding the system as a middle man.  I call them bottom fish.  And the money they make has a weird feel to it, where i can tell when I walk into the house of a middle man.  Don’t ask me how that works.  For some reason I can determine how solid a living is, and the middle man has the most shaky living.  And over half of our workforce is probably middle men right now, and that’s the problem.

The real estate business is middle men.  Brokers selling insurance policies middle men.  Grocery stores… Walmart, are middle men.  Those working as clerks are in the service industry.  But those doing the store buying, are middle men.  The store itself, is a middle man.  

The “trick of the middle man” is very old.  Inflate the price, take your cut.  Do back door deals with other middle men to keep prices at a desired profit and at similar price range.

Now you can study this on a site like eBay.  There will be the first seller, with a price of say $6.56.  Then another with the same item at $6.95 and then maybe a usa importer with stock on hand at $12.95.  the guy selling it for $12.95 bought it for $6.56.  and often, a higher priced item is simply you paying the middle man to put an order in for you on the cheaper selling product.

But it doesn’t stop there…. The guy selling the item in China, bought them for $3 a piece from the factory, and filled up a warehouse.  So even if you are buying something from China, are still paying the middle man.  It’s basically a choice of how many bottom fish do you want to feed?

There is no denying that the majority of usa workforce is in the service industry and in the middle man.  And much less earn a living by producing a product.

The first and last thing our children might produce and sell is lemonade at a lemonade stand.  Then they learn how to sell magazines and cookies as middle men.  Then most women go to the service industry, and men become middle men or product producers.

A scientist doing research is usually producing a product, even if that product is knowledge.

A designer producing schematics is producing a product.  A hair dresser is delivering a service.  Nursing is a service.  Teaching is a service.

A service has a finite earning power.  A product has an infinite earning power depending on the middle men and how distribution is handled.

The thespians acting within a movie, are providing a service.  The movie is sold as a product, even though it is a service of providing entertainment.  And then middle men and also share of profits for thespians, guaranteeing that their service it not finite earnings like most services, but infinite like with a product.

The thing is, there is a different feel to a job depending on if it is a finite earning service, an infinite earning product, or a scavaging according to conditions as a middle man.

And different personalities feel better in the three different areas of economy.  So before children are asked what they want to do when they grow up…. we have to ask ourselves how many are being forced into positions that go against feeling fulfilled and happy in an occupation.

Producing writing is creating a product.  But it’s also a service.  It can even be a negative, where you take more than you give.  That’s why it’s also an art.  

I am happier producing a product.  Every time I did a service, in nursing and teaching, I looked at my paycheck in wonder of the large and finite amount.  So being a producer is being an investor.  

And choosing what you want to be when you grow up needs to include an economic lesson on products and services.  And the expanding role within our society, of middle men.

It’s very easy to cut service-based spending.  Don’t hire a gardener.  Cut your own hair.  Do your own home schooling.  So the choice of offering a service is limited and potential for good earning will ebb and flow.  And this is where we can find a different sort of middle man that contracts services.  

I have severely reduced my service-based spending.  And if that is done across the board, the result is what are seeing of more middle men.  But it will boost production for a short while.  And beyond that, I’m not sure.  

Thing is, what someone like trump is talking about economically is that he wants to see more money going to the middle man and expanding that.  I don’t think it’s a good idea.  I think we need to preserve our services, while expanding product production that has infinite earning to better support the middle man who is relatively honest over those who are not.

Like we actually have those who produce a pre-fabricated lemonade stand for sale.  Something like that makes me smile. 

Oh and the biggest thing of all that this world now needs to consider and think hard about, is that THE most powerful and biggest earner in the entire world… Is now Walmart.  That’s just in the last couple years they pulled into the number one spot.  And that’s a middle man.  When the highest grossing company in the world is a middle man, we need to think long and hard about what we’re doing, and if we’re doing it right.


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