don’t push me over that ledge i know how to jump!

i almost can’t stand the degree of sweating
and for everyone’s information, this is drug withdrawal
that’s what it is
i don’t care about what other names you give it…

i’ve been through drug withdrawal before, and this
is drug withdrawal

which puts things in a whole new perspective
they call them hormones, but what it really is
is a little drug maker in your own body
and this mini-drug maker either puts
the drug it produces right into the bloodstream
or through a duct — just like some drugs have
to be injected to work

and so this drug that the body
basically poisons itself with — starts going
when a kid reaches a certain age
and this drug effects all kinds of things
including mood and temperament …probably
contributes to all the warm fuzzy feelings
when you contemplate buying a new purse

then 40 some odd years later
the body goes gee, we don’t need this
anymore … and you get to go through withdrawal
because that’s what this is
sweating buckets

humans give things different names and that
is supposed to somehow make things different
but this is a drug withdrawal
estrogen is like meth or heroin or coke
it goes away and you are left strung out,
debating whether you should get some more
of the estrogen drug from your doctor…

and i wonder what life will be like
once off the crutch of the estrogen drug
there should be some kind of antidote
what really bites is to have been a good citizen
all these years of not even smoking pot
and here i am having to go through a drug withdrawal

i swear i was left so unprepared for the world
just thrown at it
and told “good luck!”

at least taught myself how to tie my own shoes
and how to change oil in a car
i crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s
soon as i figured out how to use a pen

no worries
this too shall pass
she told me that much

wish the world was a lot more simple
on simple days with simple perspectives
but at least i’m not bored



2 Replies to “don’t push me over that ledge i know how to jump!”

  1. I am always so intrigued by your titles Eileen! Well I can’t profess to relate fully to the warm and fuzzy feeling of eagerly anticipating a new purse yet evidently it is a powerful exhilaration! Oftentimes I simply fascinate in the journey of your words Eileen, this being no exception. I love the photo here as well.
    I get the impression that we were all flung out into the world to experience and relate…we’re all an experiment I should think, whether real or somehow a figment from another dimension.

    1. yes i think so…. it’s all an adventure and a journey, and if we knew it all there would be nothing to learn. and i suppose the foundation of nor being afraid to question life, that is the main tradition passed down that makes the difference. i love that i can look at life with different eyes, every day new because thoughts are fresh

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