are humans worth salt on this rock we call home

it’s more than any sane person could stand. good thing i’m crazy?

now when i watch a video clip of one of the many trump “rallies” — i look at the people in the crowd they always show behind the speaker. i examine the faces and try to see what it is, some kind of tell for those that would readily shout “lock her up!” and more recently, “hang her in the streets!”

i want to know what kind of human becomes a lynch mob.

honestly have not had the opportunity to study one, though have seen singular instances of sadism many times. the mob effect is one that is known historically, but in my lifetime has never been played out in full view for all the world to see. though of course, we’ve seen the mobs screaming “death to america” from the middle east enough times over the years. mob justice. but in the united states is something a little new.

so i study the faces. they have a hunger written on them, as if it is an audience waiting to see a strip-tease turn into a full on-stage live sex show. their juices are boiling, eyes shiny and practically popping out of the heads. one man stands out, because he is not moving at all and wears a bit of a scowl. the rest are moving in all kinds of ways, barely able to contain themselves.

it’s the crowd that perhaps would fit better into the roman colosseum, waiting to thrill at a blood bath. they are white faces, of course. a lot of blond hair showing. if lipstick is there, it is bright red. hats and sign-cards. but it is the movement that interests me, the erratic nature of the crowd that could maybe be some kind of clue or tell to indicate a particular “group mind” which then forms itself into the historical lynch mob.

is this candidate not a serious candidate at all, but with a goal of only going town to town and spreading hate as if it were a gift for all to enjoy? i wonder. i sort of wonder and think about what kind of vulnerabilities exist in the population. of course the facets of human violence are there and do not disappear simply because we have entered a ‘newer’ age of justice that does not involve mob-justice and lynch mobs.

but for the most part, i have noted that none have really missed it. that communities seem more at peace and happier to have a real justice system, rather than one ruled by the mob. so the hunger written on faces interests me. is it something grown, or something innate? is it a vulnerability that rests solely in one “type” of race or facial features? what kind of similarities are there to mark this proclivity to fall away from a justice system while embracing mob rule?

it is a problem with numbers, of course. can’t do the math. the idea that those in proximity to them, voice a similar thing will then make that thing correct. because they can’t do the math and realize the scope of actual USA population. it doesn’t enter into any calculation. so we have this video footage to study, of mass delusion taking place. and i do believe part of the inherent flaw or vulnerability is capability of math.

if our instructional method has failed overtly, would be in the area of math. i think. there is the stop-gap of multiplying only up to a certain amount that is memorized (12×12). it’s possible that that stop-gap prevents any real indication of actual population numbers. i myself have to mentally go back to the times i’ve looked out the window of a plane on the approach to a large city.

to have a picture or idea of the “vastness” of humanity … it only really registers with that aerial view of house upon house upon house and communities that stretch as far as the eye can see.

the same issue comes across over the internet, where the actual number or possibility for numbers online is limited to what shows up in your immediate circle. it might be considered a “slice of life” — but the groups can be so small that even one disparity will set off conclusions as incorrect.

representatives …. online circles can be a matter of having your own group of united nations members with their own representatives. but to have any real grip of the massive nature of actual population — must remember that view from an airplane. must do the fraction, of 1 person in a million. or 2 million or 1 out of 100 million. and so in not doing the math, it’s the ratios and fractions that are falling short. obviously. and that is the same lack that then plays into a plus for gambling, because too many do not know how to do the math. calculating odds does not enter into most educations.

i’m just kind of ruminating. wanted to make this a one-two punchy write. but it kind of goes its own way into attempting a deeper dive. plus i’m going with the supposition that mob rule is bad and court justice is good. though i do believe that one of the cornerstones of civilization — and specifically OUR civilization — is the justice system. and to see that eroded by one man on a quest is a bit unnerving.

did i ever tell you i wanted to be a lawyer when i grew up? yep, my hero above any and all was perry mason. while digging weeds in the garden, i pretended they were cases and i was following leads….it’s just a dream that never got to come true.

i think the most beautiful thing to evolve out of the USofA is her justice system. to me it is a beauty unmatched by anything else man has done or accomplished. and so to see mob rule and screams of “lock her up!” become common place is almost more than i can stand.

good thing i’m crazy? good thing crazy is not too far above taking a break from politics now and then, to say a prayer to the almighty that something saves us. but from looking into those faces of the trump crowd, studying them to try and decide what kind of animal we are looking at ….would have to say there is nothing much left to save.



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