men of oil and going the way of the dinosaur

oil….fat of the land. i think the biggest problem in removing it is lack of knowledge. men found a resource, but how to make it a necessary resource beyond filling lamps? transportation. eh … it’s mostly that there isn’t much any way to refill this type of well when it goes dry. and i don’t even know that it makes much sense that they are ‘unnecessary’ parts of earth that are just compressed amounts of biological matter. oil from the ground isn’t black like in children’s books or after used to lubricate an engine. oil is clear oil, and tar is black. oil might have a purpose right where it is, because there isn’t much in life that doesn’t have a function where it is found. and when it’s something that can’t be replaced, and its function is not realized until it is depleted….?

have to wonder, or at least i do. greed will create whatever explanation that satisfies — with no regard for actual truth or any reasoning beyond what gives them free rein to do whatever they want to the earth.

the earth might itself be an organism. it might … i do wonder. and dead planets are dead organisms, and some might be dead because man himself did that and moved on to another. until we are on the last … i wonder. i mean, it’s just a thought. but when going over satellite maps of earth, there seem to be patterns that definitely coincide with habitation by man. i don’t know, of course. but i think the likelihood that earth is an actual living organism is higher than saying it is not. the likelihood that oil plays some role we don’t know about or that is undisclosed, is greater than there being no purpose (other than to be exploited for personal profit and gain).

i don’t like that the explanations we have are supportive for more drilling. that’s too convenient. whole thing smells, and i don’t know what kind of end-game we are looking-at. the problem is any higher-mind creature that only concerns itself with life while it itself is alive. like the person that does not concern themselves with how they leave a hiking trail … throw their trash all over — because in their minds it does not affect the self, and therefore the self should not care.

if you take and take of a resource that is non-replaceable … what kind of responsibility is that? oil lubricates, could it be lubricating tectonic plates? just a thought…. is it part of the machine? is it earth-blood? how does one organism inside a system manage the perception of a greater organism that IS the system? we can’t. can only match it up to fleas on a dog. but that’s not anything accurate. this is a different type and sort than any lower system. and digging for oil might be upsetting the balances more than we know.

it’s just more probable that drilling for oil has not been a bright idea. we have an idea of how long the earth has lasted WITH the oil left where it is. we don’t know how long it lasts WITHOUT the oil where it is. if we were a perfect part of a perfect system, man would drink salt water. ???? i should think that would make a little more sense. or that water would be all-salt, or all-fresh. therefore it has its purpose beyond man or organisms that walk along the surface of the earth? it’s fine to say life evolved from earth. but then as parts of earth itself, how are we guided to be a harm rather than a boon? there is no way to know at my level of understanding. i can dig in a garden and wonder at life that blooms and grows and then becomes dust again. i can see the world through eyes of pain.

or i can laugh, and decide there was nothing i could do about any of it, any way. ego is a fine thing, but it needs to be set aside to feel the sunshine and to know that at least for now, it is good. Creation itself is not dead yet, and that is cause for joy. even if God is under your feet, not floating around in the clouds somewhere. even if our earth sings every night, and the only ones that hear are those with ears on their heart and peace in their souls.

i don’t know what the point of anything IS. but i do know that satisfaction is a different thing for different people. i know i feel alone a lot of the time. not because alone is good, but alone is well. deep. depth. a state of existence i can handle better, with room to think. space to contemplate. i prefer this because i recall NOT thinking while life was about constantly pinging off others– my thoughts had no time to mature. when in constant reaction, there is little that amounts to honest-to-god action. you have to stop to be able to think.

when it comes to “oil-men” — there is a greed and hunger that justifies ruin. i don’t know how or why. i don’t know that respecting the earth makes a difference FOR the earth. but i know that if an organism is given a brain to determine how to NOT pollute its own environment making itself unable to even live there — then if they don’t use that intelligence for better managing the system they are in…..? amounts to getting what is deserved? you just pack on up and move over to the next continent. but then what happens when run out of continents? you pack up and move to the next planet. what if there ARE none? you fantasize that an option is still there…. star wars star trek star living, but while a man has set foot on the moon, he has yet to be born, live, and die on anything like a moon. silly silly so easy to manipulate humans. you need to be where you are at. eventually. what kind of mirror are we deciding upon at this point?

heaven or hell. it’s your choice, i guess. to believe the earth will be fine despite man is a little on the too convenient side of things. we are a part of whatever this is. you grow bacteria in a petri dish. it just grows and grows until it eventually all dies off. if man can’t be smarter than that, then i just don’t know what kind of smart is going to help.

you can continue to drill for oil. sure you can. and when those wells run dry and the price of a drum rises and rises…will you be caught in a hurricane every afternoon because gee you didn’t know? will more children be born without functioning brains, because gee you didn’t know? will life itself dissolve to grunts and smirks, because gee you didn’t know?

fat of the land. could be we need to move where it is, not move it out of where it is so that we can move every which way even faster.



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