sailing to nowhere on a ship full of nothing

basically everyone is better off with a savings account
but that is giving 90% of it as a gift to the bank
which then uses that to loan to others
to buy houses and cars

higher level above that is that money
is a tool and when it is removed
from circulation that will effect
a supply/demand factor on money itself
and so the banks put it back into circulation
as loans
which over-value anything — ANYTHING that
is bought through loan
and allows the rise in price above and beyond
inflation and beyond supply and demand

the more you save
the more banks will give out loans
and SELL your money to the highest bidder

it is a very difficult situation
i spent all of 2012 in a state of terror
over the economy

it’s not that some cannot save
it’s that they are not subject to becoming
addicted to saving …

goes back to those bright shiny pink piggy banks
training and training well

every sigh escapes me at this point ……..

number one, is that money is a tool
of trade
it’s not a possession

it is a legal writ that only holds power
according to the government that issues it
and when money is saved
at home
it is taken out of circulation and therefore
its purpose is moot but for one thing
to give “security”
but as its power goes down and devalues
the amount that must be saved to buy equal
things goes UP

if put in the bank, it is devalued
by 10% immediately 10% of its value
is out of circulation … BUT it is used
on high priced items for loans, SO
it becomes revalued too high
and interest percents are designed
to remain low enough to ensure that your
“nest egg” devalues in the bank

and so we have investment
young people by a home
but not to live in for their whole lives
to live for awhile and sell
so they can buy a bigger home

wall street has ways of ‘investing’
in corporations that employ people
but the investing is basically the same
as betting on horses — those that “win”
do so at the expense of those that “lose”
but the upward trend of money to support
industry occurs because the house always “wins”
and it more or less gives a stability to
jobs … which then feed the employees
with money to put back in at the bottom
of the pyramid

it’s a house of cards
of course it is
each step – each movement- to brace the
economic machinery
is done while everyone holds their breath
and we have patches
like gift cards … gift cards are not
a ‘cute’ idea because gee you need to
be able to give ‘money’ gifts that are
less crass than cash …. they are infusing
industry with capital, exactly like a loan
on which industry owes absolutely no interest

so … for the individual
what should they do? what is the best
way to ensure a financial future that
doesn’t involve your children living
on the street?

and i should mention that meanwhile in
the background
banks are lending money TO EACH OTHER
in a round robin so ferocious it will
make your head spin

he who gets caught holding the hot
potato loses…. while insurance
companies also generate capital which
they invest with little to no rules
on how — he who is the best smuck
wins …..

and the little guy
the one that just wants to live and work
have some savings for a cushion
then it has to be a plan where more
is added, because in 10 years
$1000 will be worth $500 and so
it will need to go UP to have the same
buying power

lower wages reduce that ability
and improve stock prices … squeeze them
and give greater to those betting while
less cushion for the little guy
who then finds himself homeless
on the street and in a situation that
is also confusing because suddenly
when “less” of consumer

this little guy has to ask himself
“what is the meaning of life?”
and of course he is removed from
the tv cable that is programming
because it programs you to think
like everybody else…


and so …. less savings overall
mean that too much is going into
investment arena
but if you LOWER that, then less
can go into wages and salaries
and we all fall down…..

this is not an easy fix
it is a road to nowhere that
is destined to fail — AND those
wanting to fat cat on it are actually
BETTING on it to fail

don’t ask me the answer
i gave up in 2013 when
trying to work on it sent me
to the mental hospital for a nice
2-week stay … boarding with an
insurance man, a gang leader, and
a pious property investor

ain’t irony grand?

for one thing
we must keep up the balancing act
the house of cards
in some fashion or at least for now

more money into the banks
via greater saving by the average joe
is one of the well-known patches to this system

more loans for houses which sort of doubles
its circulation rate because your home
is not actually made out of money
that money they lend you is an asset
for them
especially if the one receiving the payment
for the house
puts it in the bank where 90% goes to
the bank that they can then lend
again … and lend to other banks as
well to make sure it produces yet more

i think
that if americans stopped taking out loans
and began buying houses and cars with money
they save … that have their actual value
stabilized ….. it could be a better foundation
for everything else


so the answer is to not loan willy-nilly
and so loans only go to GOOD people
but that is done not because of thinking
will or will not pay back
it is done to limit the NUMBER of loans, only

signs of the end
were credit card companies soliciting people
to get loans from them
were the gift cards to bolster industry
and the sky-rocketing home prices
that happening only because there
needed to be greater loans and greater loans
to cover the amounts of bleed
by encouraging more property investment

and all this because money is … what?
it’s a trade writ, enabling easier
trade between parties with surplus
and need

it would be nice if there was one solution
like everyone remove their wall street investment
or everyone remove their money from the banks

all would topple the economy
and the system was dreamed up
by fat cats behind closed doors
smoking cigars and drinking their brandy
and most of those fat cats are now
dead and left a legacy

of what THIS is

it’s like a chinese finger trap
a way of tightening the more
you struggle with no real way
to move because it was engineered
to do exactly what it is doing

we have MORE writ being placed
into society by bitcoin … money
produced by corporate rather than
government and that is subsequently
most-used in black-market or criminal
activity — but it is also used as an
investment tool

and it just goes on and on …

as a computer ‘person’ – i come against
one fundamental thing time and again:

people don’t want to know how or why
or what can go wrong or the lengths
to fix anything … they just want
the computer to turn on in the morning
and at least work reasonably well

they don’t want to think about entire
countries facing starvation…
they are comforted by the grocery stores
that stock shelves in the night to
always appear full — there is no want
and all they need is more writs to
ensure that it goes from the shelves
into their self-regulated bodies …..

the appearance of “the pot is always full”
and magically replenishes
that no lack will ever happen
and that everyone just needs to work harder
for more writs and more savings
to feel comfort that in the future
they can buy and buy and buy…

and aren’t we all special?

so the thing is, i have no answer
for this … system
except that i know it is a house of cards
except that i know it is not ‘very’ sustainable
and that i know there are those among
our wild array of fat cats that bet on it
NOT being sustainable
just to make life interesting

i know that our institutions take measures
to drive things one way or the other
grocery stores that hang onto items too long
through high pricing are driven to sell
by manufacture coupons
and manufacturing drives its business to
see profit by using more and less quality
ingredients, lowering wages by just
sitting on a minimum wage
while farmers get subsidies
and on and on that part of the card
pile goes…

still no answer
the ones that set it up were SMART
much smarter than anything we’ve got walking
around on two legs today

and the average joe — the basic american
citizen … has no recourse but to put
their nose to the grindstone and hope
something saves them. and a good number
believe god will come flying out of the sky
and wipe it all out and replace it with
paradise … where they live “forever?”
when that simply complicates any way for
a system to survive

but it is a comfort
a savings account is a comfort
money jingling in your pocket … the
moment before purchase (investment)
is a comfort

i had a russian handyman that didn’t understand
why i was willing to feed myself beans
so i could afford to buy my computer.
that made absolutely no sense to him …..

comfort. it’s different for everyone.
but even what we see AS comfort … is something
that is fed TOO the populace, it’s not something
they invent or explore on their own

meanwhile the income disparity gets larger …
more people are homeless in the streets
begging …
the fat cats in the public eye confess to guilt
and donate huge funds
while the ones in the shadow work to
control government and public policy
to get their own piece of the pie — to satisfy
their own legacy of wealth
AND then the ONE thing that can be done
is to never give power on that end of things
to those fat cats betting on the failure …
betting with the short-sell

now, assuming i haven’t sent you off now,
to go spending your own two-weeks at the
local mental institution ….

what can we do?

is it just a matter of the harry-potter solution?
relax and the vines will let you go … have friends
that are by your side and know that is more
comfortable than being a leader or attempting
any type of negotiation or compromise …
anything that moves life in the “right” direction
because who in this mess of things can
determine what that even IS?

and so a profligation of complacency
is one way to keep it going
until better solutions can be found

deciding to have more savings for comfort
just explodes loans and drives that nail
farther into the sacrificial hand of housing

where you have to be a ‘good enough’ citizen to have a place
to live … think about that for a moment
but we got the demonstration of communism
where guaranteed housing meant waiting in
lines for your bread …

how now, brown cow?

it’s a very good trap

we need an idea as brilliant as gift cards
but in the opposite direction

and the thing when approaching ANY problematic system
is to ask:
what are your goals?

and the thing about any GOOD system
is that question needs to go to someone
that is concerned about everyone, not just
the enrichment of their own legacy and family
not just a person that was given the game plan
but one that sees it from the bottom-up

and then those with only concern on legacy and family
are the ones receiving ALL of the education to further their
minds and thinking ability

that wasn’t done by accident

and so …. and so …. and so …..

profit sharing is good
loans are bad…but require a slow backing-down
public education is good
television trances need to be reduced
and i can’t believe i’m saying this but
replace that with a little more church
singular points of influence rather than grand ones…
a more viable means to reducing
consumption of non-food items needs to be
found…. zen is good a reason as any
the degree of “things” necessary to be
“successful” has gotten way out of hand
with false assumptions on exactly WHAT is
needed to “live” .. and THAT includes
consumption of services, such as medical
testing up the ying yang, quite literally

saving more in banks will only increase their
need to generate more loans … and will increase
that trap. but spending hand to mouth creates
non-comfort. so …. so …. moderate savings?
but also remember many church groups and many
investments do their savings in the form of FOOD
which food is an ACTUAL need
and adds some bolster to end of the world it all
falls apart and goes into the wish bucket
of those betting on the TIME (not the probability because it WILL)
the system will fail….

less cars would fix health a great amount
but cars are wrapped up in economy and jobs
and have that finger in the base of the
pyramid. real smooth move on that one …
and so oil and gas are big players
that are not-so-much concerned on average
joes, since their family is safe on the
benches where there is less pollution
… it’s all relative. infighting.

but i do see that a reduction in vehicles
would help quite a lot, while making
those vehicles more dependable … though THAT
has been bolstered by the need for jobs
in the repair industry

but i think it’s a hit we should take
and need

non-reliable transportation has been cause
of too much imbalance — where the wealthy have
great ways to get to work and the non-wealthy
not so much

that’s about all i have so far.

though it might be interesting if the banks
did a lending to each other employing a
reverse interest … where they actually
plan to lose and essentially donate to each
other rather than profit.

maybe … i would need more education in
economics and quite frankly it’s so
discouraging at this level that i dread
any more

life is a box of chocolates?
eh … the one thing humans need
is hope as opposed to despair

if you want to ask which road is the right direction
there are infinite ways in which hope helps bolster comfort and security
however … being fed false hopes
only puts off the inevitable
and then everyone explodes at once when the
blinders are lifted ….even by charlatans
doing that simply because they have enough
wiggle room to make it seem harmless

AND if you have been born into a human existence
that is predetermined to be LESS
then those blinders are not so much there
in the first place

so let’s try to make it?
there is sufficient evidence that
this “flawed” economic system has made
better lives — if not for everyone, for
more than otherwise would have happened
without it. that is up in the air
far as i’m concerned, because for one,
we don’t have an alternate path to compare …
and for another it’s just a little too
convenient to create greed into something noble

all things become better for a majority
we call that “the middle class”

but how does that relate when a very
large … large part of the public are
not instructed well in math? how does
that become any real type of living?
especially when numbers of writs
is placed as a goal
for any person to be thought
or believed WORTHY — a “success?”

i’m biased because i forego all the
hunting with money as your treasure
not sure when i decided that
but it was pretty early on
probably when trying to fit that
awful rubber plug back into
the bottom of a piggy bank

we are programmed to think
certain things — to believe
in the right and wrong when they
are simply “different” and “more different”

education via more access to information
is going to change that whether
anyone at the “top” or in “charge”
wants that or not ….. so some general
public knowledge is going to be
necessary — not just one obscure
government class tacked on in the
last years of high school

and the problems with “right” direction
have to do with balances of power
more than anything else
the power that influence has to change
thinking… to alter acceptance

it is very easy to rise up hate
to influence and glorify in singular
power to explode the masses in anger

doesn’t take a rocket scientist, only
very little left in morals or responsibility
there is a very big difference
between those that would commit suicide
and those that would commit homicide/suicide
and it’s not just people strapping bombs
on themselves…. it’s when despair is
given power, and a channel to change things
that make them exalt in their image being
repeated within others

and yes … poetry is a means
to repeat images, to share ‘soul’
both good and bad
some just crying from a pit
of quicksand, saying for god sakes
throw me a rope….

but it is also a way of saying
look … i’m fine and i don’t have
what you have, and so do not worry
because what happens when you tighten
a belt is you just need less belt
and the prices of cows will go up
but maybe they need to go up?

together and apart
i vote for together and see what
the future holds if we believe there
is some way to get there in one piece

it’s not about if the fat cats won
or how to beat the fat cats now … they
already won and are 6 feet under
their legacy are shadows of the real thing
that’s why the boat is like a ship
without ballast or even a rudder

that’s why when anyone reaches a certain
level of understanding, the hardest
part of living becomes controlling the ‘panic’
“don’t panic” written in nice, friendly letters
much to be said for how deeply anyone can read
just one book

my two-cents is that we can hold out
as long as our nation micro-manges the be-jesus out of things
out of everything

but we have to maintain that position with a democracy
that works to balance things as we go along
at some point the bottom fish get angry and we’re already there
many fixes have been applied, from population control
to population explosions to gold and money and silver
and barter and trade and the fact that
some have to believe they have their lot in life
for others to climb… and that alone just isn’t fair

but what is fair? at some point these questions
will have to be answered
sometimes right where you are is right where someone else planned for you to be

oh yes…. and so in the midst of that we somehow came together
as a nation of some pretty high ideals …
i suggest we don’t blow that out of the water

is it the little things?
sometimes they are big

have a good week



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