if i’m a witch that burns may i shine bright

i’ve heard they hate her voice
they hate her pants suits
they believe she is weak
believe she is sneaky
hate her laugh
hate that she is a she!
how dare she?
hate how she hedges
how she smiles!
they hate her hair
hate her make up

…… not once
not once have i heard they hate her
for the policy to make
junior college free
that they see problems in that
or that they hate the idea
of more taxes for the wealthy
or that there is no room
in this country for fixing infrastructure!

i have heard no argument at all
against policy

it’s all an objection to
smiles and pant suits
it’s a hatred for a woman
with ambition … how dare she????
women are supposed to be content
with baking cakes and sewing
buttons on dress shirts
they are supposed to be fulfilled
by trading recipes
how dare she ???? such a disgrace
for a woman to prove
she would get better ratings
from doing a reality show make-over

not a peep
not a lone word on how
some of the policies might
actually pan out…

you all are angry that she’s not
enough like your own mama
too much class
not enough class
won’t be tough and firm
not soft enough …

it’s the biggest sociology test in history
and you all flunked

what is her policy you don’t like?
do you think she is too pie
in the sky for thinking
more jobs will be a reality?
do you think we should increase
internet monitoring by the government
like she promised …?

but no … you think
what matters is some trumped up
email bs and how you just know
she is a crook because
of course all crooks run charities
with A+ ratings ?

i’ve been waiting for any mention
or objection to policies …

you know that you don’t want a trump wall
but i’ve heard little to nothing
for the dissection of immigration policies

i myself decided that no matter
any of it
i want someone that isn’t afraid
to put in a hard day’s work

and trump says he works
very very hard
and is very very rich … and i
think both are lies
i think he likes his pleasures
just a little too much
to ever sacrifice them for anything
that might be inconvenient

and i think … i know he speaks
at a fourth grade level
and hillary at an 8th grade level
and so she will speak on an entire
policy in detail … detail.
and the bright conway mind running
the trump campaign will follow that
with saying “hillary has no plan!”

because conway doesn’t understand
english at a higher grade level

so you all flunked big

i’m disgusted and a little past
being peeved

some day the populace will be educated
again with better reading levels
i hope

but until that day
i will hope some find a way to
understand what we have lost

and why reading is important

pick up a book today
shut off your tv
and then at some point
read a tale of two cities
when you can understand it

read shakespeare … after
you can read well enough to
understand it
read beyond good and evil
when you are skilled enough
to understand it

read the death of ivan illitch
and bartleby the scrivener

because you know what i feel like
in regards to all of this ????

i would prefer not to

do you know why
i was ok with lennie dying?
because stupidity is no excuse
for destroying a beautiful thing …

the best laid plans of mice and men

it’s not that hard, people
let’s start finding a future
that is not over the rainbow

but right here in river city
because i wish i were an oscar myer weiner
but instead have raindrops on roses
and whiskers on kittens

i have not begun to fight
because i could have danced all night

the whites of their eyes
don’t tread on me

all the bells of christmas eve
peace on earth good will to men

i would prefer not to

melt like lemon drops
high above the chimney tops
because let’s hear it for the boy…

trix are for kids

and girls just want to have fun ….

you have been taken
there is no greater love
than to give your life for another

but mine i drove into a hole deeper than hades
and i am so tired i could scream
in twenty languages

you will never under-stand
because i don’t over-stand

the being that is me
has simply taken notes
i know how to project outcome

not a word on how you
disagree with proposals for action

only grumbling that our
first female president is not good enough for you …
well boo hoo
grow up
find a set of balls
somewhere beyond lebowski dreams and
born to be wild infidelities

a woman can run this nation.
let her.

and when you sleep at night
a child
a child
shivers in the cold
do you hear what i hear?
that’s right
it’s the sound of nuclear weapons not going off

sweet dreams
sweet dreams and the world will turn
but it doesn’t sing in perfect harmony

that was to sell coke
but you can give a helping hand
to what’s up doc
and the race of nations
because oh say can you see …

the dawn’s
early light or not
america will stay free
and whole

won’t you come home bill baley?
i’ve been working on the railroad
and i sold my soul to the company store

all for one and one for all
the truth shall set you free
i am the truth and the way

love one another
i would prefer not to

there is no better revenge than to live well
but what if you don’t want revenge?

what if the world is an oyster
what about bob?
with a little bit of luck
we’ll make it to the church on time

oh susanna now don’t you cry for me
sweet betsy from pike
is angry
and round the rosey…
they fall

they fall ….

i would prefer not to

you know what is better than
a trump in the white house?
any woman

little ditty about jack and diane…
it was the worst of times
it was the best of times

go ahead and burn what you want at the stake
but everything is better
with blue bonnet on it

some day my prince will come ….

then i gave up waiting
decided the king of beers was ok for a queen

how now brown cow?
it was a long way to tipperary
one bridge too far
don’t ask for whom the bell tolls

every witch way but loose….

i took notes
sit still in your high chairs
and vote on the issues

a woman is as good as a man
not because she can bring home
the bacon and fry it up in a pan

but because she let you believe
she fell for that

there is no greater love in this world …

and the stakes will be empty
the flag will say it’s own pledge
over god
under god
between god
who gives a god’s rat ass
the wood will be drenched with tears

all ropes will hang … empty
and the witches will be saying
quit feeling sorry for yourself
keep it together
there’s no time like the present

let’s get to work


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