Trump wants pretty airports well boo hoo

one thing that was very telling in this last debate, was donald trump’s description of airports. his idea of success is apparently bright shiny objects: shiny chrome banisters and marble fountains. he is abhorred that he must be surrounded by function, rather than opulence.

that really threw me. over recent years, air travel has opened up to be a more middle-class thing. especially when traveling by greyhound bus costs almost as much if not more than buying a plane ticket. and so trump’s actual complaint about the “terrible” state of american airports, is that he is disgusted over anything that requires rubbing elbows with the middle class.

he didn’t mention that airports are too crowded, or that wait times are too long for security. or that they need better checks on airplanes themselves and better upkeep. nope. he is worried that the airports aren’t pretty enough. his idea of keeping pace, is having bright shiny rails and chandeliers and glass elevators. his idea of keeping pace with the world, is outdoing them in glitz. his hope would be for higher priced plane tickets, and an opulence available to all who travel by plane.

and the only response to that, is: tough! what an amazing display of being completely out of touch with the needs of his core supporters! it really kind of floored me. trump was comparing the USA function-first philosophy to those with looks-first philosophy and be damned to the huddled masses.

he really doesn’t get it at all.

the USA doesn’t exist to impress others. the backbone of our country is built on function over beauty. but of course, a man that builds casinos and then bankrupts them, wouldn’t know about that much. he wouldn’t know about the particular ethics value, where priority goes to something that works. not something that sits there and looks pretty.

i would suggest that trump sees airports the same way he sees his wives: if they get older and a little worn, trade them in for a newer model. and ‘model’ quite literally! don’t mind if they are high-maintenance — pretty is what matters! it reminds me of everything that is wrong with our throw-away society. so many have their priorities mixed up. so many forget where the value actually does exist.

you fix something that is good. you don’t throw it away for newer, just because newer is best according to everything ignorant in the world. because newer is NOT always best. ask car collectors what they know about that one.

if our airports function, mr. trump — THAT’s what we care about. we don’t care about how pretty or impressive they are (though maybe you should visit Albuquerque). though scratch that, they aren’t GOLDEN horses! are painted by love and art. and you can take your keeping up with the other country Joneses, and shove it. life is too short. i’ll go with what works over what warms your cockles, so pretty pretty pretty –any day of the week.

you want to impress people? i suggest you feed a few at a homeless shelter, and see how impressed they are with your bright shiny suit as they say thank you for food that you yourself did not buy or earn or even own to give. and you still say “you’re welcome.” and do you know why? no … no you don’t.


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