one final gift

sometimes reading past work helps time land in a better junction, somewhere between that was then , this is then + now

From an other-wise-sane perspective

the sky forgave
and the hopes congealed
the stars were burned
and the burns were healed

it was a night before the endless paths began
tell me where
did the furthest conflict land?

it was not how i meant anything to be
time only turns
but doesn’t turn for me

i was confused
but confusion
was only right
tell me did you

sleep through

that night ….

for the skies will burn
yet the burns will heal
i played nothing my way
yet i can’t help but feel

there is no answer to your questions now
tell me why ….
do we seek darkness

there is no forget
there is only forgive
there is no looming death
only time left to live

and someday i might
make it to my hopes and dreams

but til then
more than more could ever believe

for the sky!
the sky forgave …

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