oh happy day
there wasn’t much
to prove my beginnings
finding the way …
it was more than any
average prize

sought between the big ones
crumbling with good-byes
i loved every moment
i loved every moment …

you see
i gave up autonomy
and never thought
about years and passing life
to yet the next
to be the nothing and the song
i never heard…. i never heard

i can’t tell
you how i chose to take it all
to be no blame
no silence pinned to silent walls
how i saw
a world that held on fast
when nothing
no one
not a thing … no stardust lasts

how can i
tell how it makes me cry?
to know i gave up
every thought that passed me by?
and how can i tell you
that it all was worth the price?
the life i promised
conformed to frame impossibility

there is one thing
that i never did in vain
and that was two things
that would dance
and kiss the rain

and i never had the key
never needed it
never needed it

flip the coin
but don’t flip out
find your self
but share your doubts
love the best things
you ever gave away
and own tomorrow
just sacrifice today

be the word
be the heart you use to pray
oh happy day…
oh happy day!



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