Protect possibilities

Not just men
But any human that picks on someone smaller than them
Lets look at the alternatives
Picking on someone equal to you
Picking on someone bigger than you

So the problem isn’t in
It’s on the picking

Certainly abuse of power
Means abusing those of less power
But it’s not just men
It’s humans
By saying men only
Are enforcing the inequality

Violence is rarely swayed by guilt
And the man that enforces other men
To not harm the weak
Himself will perceive the weak as less
And his manliness as more

Therefore those who wish to be good stewards of power
Must learn to walk
Walk and think about what is fair and what is right
Walk and leave before violence takes over
And both need to walk
Both parties that are both picking
You walk that way around the block
I’ll walk this way
When meet back at home, each have one good thing to say to the other

Violence starts through conflict
It isn’t what you are

If you need to be obeyed
Then ask what complete control has done for you lately


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