Count downs that count Up

Well this is turning out to be a strange weekend
Just when I’m ill and in pain and feel close to losing my mind
The rest of the world decides to go crazy
And then goodmantrump deciding that means we need him
When chances are pretty high his own hate speech are what got us here
For some reason he believes he’s God
And can stop wars by saying bad terrorists! Bad terrorists!
Meanwhile his cronies are all kinds of happy
And the only hope to make sense of it all
Is to turn off the tv
Close the newspaper
See the sunshine
And pray you can continue to breathe in and out

Rome wasn’t built in a day
But you decide to either live with fear
Or live with freedom
I have said before but will say again
The root of all insanity is fear
Even diagnosed actual mental illness
I have never gone into psychosis when unafraid
Never fallen to insanity except when insecurity
Ate at foundations until agitation sparked mania
If you have confidence that even one person
Is in your corner
Loves you despite anything and everything
If you can reach out and talk to God
Not feel deserted even from above

You have beaten insanity
Less pills and more hugs
Is pretty much what the world needs

Fear relieves boredom
But so does industry
So does looking at the sky
With feet that know the ground  perfectly … Oh yes!
So does looking at a flower and not picking it
Owning the heart that knows Peace
Belonging to a mind that knows Life
Breathing in with a smile
That has beaten sorrow

She was all these things
I will be them when I am able
No room for fear
No lacks to breed insanity
The world is waiting
But even time will go on hold
While eternity counts its blessings
This is the night before it became darkness
This is me looking forever at the sky
Looking forever at a flower
Looking forever to the might
Of every song ever sun
Every singing ever bled
Wrapped in timelessness and sheer deliverance

This is where we see ourselves
In the tinctured mirror of our brothers
Our American sisters
Our world of friends

This is the opposite of every fear born to man
This is home


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