open letter to my children

the biggest cause to your effect
will be the thoughts of other people

too many variables
your great grandmother could only
sum it up
by saying ‘remember i love you’

while her eyes spoke of regrets

but that’s not me
i want you to remember
the cause to your effect
are other people
other thoughts

that you can retreat to your own
but eventually have to emerge
absorb only what helps
and doesn’t hinder
do not hesitate to reject
Stupid and her cousin Assumption

always use habit only for
innocuous tasks
nothing that matters
for your mind needs to be fully there
and not dreaming
during moments that can go wrong

i suppose i must say to learn to forgive
but that is something that comes naturally
who has time for hate?
it is a useless burden

unless of course you must protect yourself
from harm
then use hate as the tool
for keeping distance

though understand, too
that if that hate dissolves
it could be something beyond you
or something stronger in you
telling you that it is no longer

the goal in life is not to be best
it is to be better today than you were

can’t emphasize that enough
the goal can be for wealth
but more objects to protect means more
worries, not less

though the other side of that coin
is that there is nothing quite so horrible
as to worry where your next meal
will come from

you must experience that in your life
at least once
to truly understand why
no one should go hungry
and why you should always
always give what you have for the
sake of others

and travel
by land by sea by air
while young
while you can surpress
the motion sickness

but remember you have feet to walk
and that cars are tanks
encircling fear

never be afraid of another human
treat groups with respect
but each singular life
as equal

don’t follow me in my path
of disdain
that is not one with any joy
though it is one
where you can hide
when those thoughts of others
would weigh down your own progress

don’t be afraid of death
but die facing the sky
if you can
embrace good in the whole
that shows joy without
it’s counterpart of sorrow
i know there is joy after death
but only if your soul
remembers its home its maker its grounding
and no soul can remember this if it forgets
love and hates self enough to end self

nothing will effect you more in life
than the thoughts of others
turn those thoughts in the direction
that is good for all
for ALL
not just you

in the long run
your self will be cared for
by instinct and angels
do not spend all of your life
bringing best to only the self

remember the best was already given
you already have

everything i could muster
and i was already proud
of both
for your first smile
first laugh

that is what made me proud
that is what gave me relief

you will go on
or not go on
but what lives in you
with you
is a spirit so old
it has forgotten its own home

and the world seems strange
so non-correct and selfish
so directed by either
foolishness or just plain evil

you will learn to let that be
it cannot be changed, only
moved to make space here and there
for gentle spirits

remember that environment
it’s what the whole decides
and if it exists
then it serves the majority

you must grin and bear it

and love…. love is not
something you design yourself
to get from others
it is something you give
and hurting is not proof
of love or strength of love
it is proof of need

for love is always something
you yourself give
and you have that to give
because others loved you

i loved you first
i loved you best and more
than all the stars in the sky …

to continue me
and who i am
love others
care for others
give then your strength
that cup is always refilled

don’t listen to thoughts
of ending your own path
that is everyone’s right
but it will only punish
all those you could have cared for
in the future
it is done by little mean men or those
who feel the cup is dry

both of you have the capability
of seeing beyond that

but once you are there
it is a dead end
so don’t go there

the only answer is to set in stone
set in titanium
that suicide is not an option
but the other thing
is remember you are loved and will
always be loved
by forever and by me

the future is seen
when the mind is large
but don’t let dismal prediction
leave you with a now that
cannot feel hope

that is why you must also hope for others
if not for your own children
hope for a world of peace

and never hesitate
to fight for the freedom of all

you are large
you are beautiful
you are strong beyond count

don’t make me proud
don’t make me anything
i am already just a memory

make yourselves
better this day
than you were yesterday
see more beauty in this day
than in any before

love harder
cry faster
be anything but me
i held the sorrows so you could be free
i let you go
so you could know the world
and so i could understand better my own past

don’t follow that course
just remember that life flows through you
it doesn’t end in you

remember that you don’t have to believe
in God
but you do have to believe
that your feet touch the ground

be happy when you can
be fulfilled
be whatever you grow to be
whatever your path takes you
you are made of stronger stuff

i know it
i delivered that

be the beauty of your selves
be everything
that i could not accomplish


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