exits and entrances: does science oppose religion?

good question, can a true christian be a true scientist?

anyone can profess to be anything. believing the bible is fact and believing science is fact, from a scientific point of view–is relatively the same thing. though believing one is right while the other is wrong is making them mutually exclusive. which they either are or they aren’t, according to science. religion might have a little room for science, but science doesn’t have a lot of room for religion. of course depending on the specifics of that religion.

i always felt arguing creationism vs. evolution to be a huge waste of time. they are both religions. it’s been proven well enough that fossil evidence can only be interpreted, it can’t be KNOWN. because it’s a fossil. unless you dug them from the ground yourself, and ran the age tests yourself – even dinosaur skeletons sum up what remains a BELIEF, not necessarily a proof.

the problem exists, and one i have found personally, is that the belief in God saving it all and that man can do anything and everything to his own environment …. well then the belief in that is just a little too convenient to continue bad practices that generally make the rich richer and the poor sicker.

so i don’t know. possession of a religious belief does not automatically mean someone believes they can do whatever they want to the planet and God will make it all better. but the probability is higher that they will. is the probability high enough that it could effect decisions effecting the environment? or is it even a position that holds that kind of power?

if the problem is the simple affront of a religious individual holding a position for science — that can be seen as a type of exclusiveness. eh ……… i think the point is we all need to get on board and realize this might be the only planet we have to f*ck up. so could be helpful for the kids and grandkids, if we don’t.

the problem with any ethos is how much room is there for something contrary or outside of the belief system? and even more importantly than that: how much room is there for personal discovery?

as children we make our own personal conclusions and discovery based on our own senses and guided by our own degree of curiosity. then we grow up, and learning becomes a binding of that onto the accumulated knowledge of others.

if there is religion, that must be believed without proofs — then there has to be a need for the FUNCTION of that religion. it is only around because it meets a need. you cannot sneeze at that need. you cannot say a need doesn’t exist, since religion itself exists.

for myself, i have worked to maintain room for further enlightenment. i believe the only way to get farther, is to never BELIEVE you have arrived.

open hearts, open minds, open doors. i’m not saying the methodists got it right — but they sure got the motto right. rock on.



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