You must observe your bias

You must observe your bias
Man to Woman
He is supposed to be strong
But when ill be waited on
She is supposed to be continual
Woman’s work never done
Never allowed illness
Too necessary to exit life

Too giving to be given time for
In man an illness is responded with
He is tough he will get over it
In a woman the response is panic!
She must be dying if mom
Can’t do the laundry…..We must look
At the bias
Not consider it cliche and unavoidable
But to consider change
In the views of millions
In employers that think hiring a woman
Means steady ability
But less dynamic industry
In husbands that think drudge work
Belongs only to the steady that is woman
And most of all
In woman as she views herself

We must consider the bias
Too long has equality stood for giving up female privilege
And what privilege? To be best at generating scrapbooks? To have value
Based in exterior storefronts
Rather than interior stock?

They must consider the bias
The traitor inside
That has been brainwashed to believe
Men have greater worries
Greater hopes
Greater vulnerabilities

We all go, isn’t that sweet
We hold our secrets of manipulation
But forget to count the cost
Women must observe the bias
There is no room in this world
For half-assed feminism

Onward and upward
I am no less a person than any man
But I am the one that must believe that the most


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