to learn is to own space

all is not dependent on me
but what i comprehend
has the parameter of my comprehension

these days i look it up
one explanation
says the northern lights are photons
another explains particle science and
what element makes what color

i didn’t know i was newtonian
and that quantum mechanics disprove
what i consider the predictability
of matter ….

to receiver
barrier against a knowing
that then becomes
the circling of self awareness
into belief of solitary confinement
through limits of comprehension

discernment is not communication
part of effective discernment
is knowing there is more
to be known

then hell would be limits
to input creating a
self made universe

feeding only on its own dictate
within the i
as supreme

the more you believe yourself
to be god (the creator of reality )
the deeper in hell you will sink

therefore it is the openness
to new comprehension
that obliterates the boundaries of heaven

it is humility?
or perhaps simply the willingness
to learn

like a function reaching
but never arriving
the limits of comprehension
are the dictates
to the size and shape
of soul?

the expansion of limits occurs
within unpredictability

the more feared and simplified
the greater tensile strength
of parameters
the more that is converted to
language for sharing
the greater limits go with
with output
rather than input and
personal discernment

socialization can contribute
to personal hell
where to be alone then
is to find paradise?

yet the paradox of thought
by others creating the know
of what is not known
otherwise personal knowledge
circles to become
an interaction
of pattern whereby
what is seen
is what is chosen

there are many ways
of listening to silence

versus freedom

fear versus exploration
despair versus curiosity

what i know is that
concentration flows from dense
to empty
yet collective guides have
created that framework
to explain effect by its cause
not to explain cause by its effect

what we comprehend
is proven by reaction

but proof itself is given
not dreamed

in memorizing the comprehension
of others
i submit there should be an awareness
that the bounds are within
the framework
of relation

words and common ability

but also limitations are in
the foundation of that knowledge
and its foundation and its foundation, etc
what is a particle?

that is a circling
writhing within limits

sometimes there is nobility
in ditching convention
and the selection
of what is not learned

is the greater determinant
where one human being
finds persistent revelation

outside of the bounds
of ego
predictable fortifications

there is fame and not fame

privilege and not heard
everything is understood via
compare and contrast

yet comprehension lies beyond
of past faith
and current

i look at what i’ve learned
and what i know
it is the difference between those two
that gives a percentage

an indication
of bounds delivered …
never received

select that which expands
or fails to deliver containment

no amount of comprehension
makes the northern lights
less beautiful
but the beauty is in mystery
and conjecture

a consideration
that all things are more exquisite
when free

from …..

diminishing wonder

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