history will validate the bs

the conclusion that it’s criminal
is based on the assumption that she was trying to hide her emails

talk about finding someone guilty before proven guilty

but that’s what mobs do

only wrong doing was possible security issue

so answer by right is to make emails public and definitely unsecured

meanwhile nobody gets that the private in private server means single, like how private residence means single home, not that the home has good drapes

does not mean hidden, like keeping something private

all files are still an internet database, same as when on a server that handles multiple websites.

is a more secure option than google or microsoft, for those of any fame especially.

large organizations like apple or google, cannot ensure emails are not read by their employees. they even have privacy policies to ensure that they are not liable if content of your emails goes public.

a server that is not subject to viewing by large companies, is the better option for anyone pursued by paparazzi.

it is called being smart. use of a single (private) server does not imply guilt. it means you want control of your content

that control not only ensures there will be no public viewing of family emails, but also ensures no changes can be made to those communications by third parties.

trump himself brags in speeches how he will give jobs and favors to those he likes. or how he will fire those he doesn’t like and replace them with those who support his campaign.

my first real job, i got only because the mother of a friend already worked at the business. in fact, several jobs over the years happened because of who i know, not what i know. it is so common in our culture, we have a saying that it’s more important who you know than what you know.

so am i to understand that now the public wants to outlaw that?

we will send a lot of people to jail, but it can be done if that’s what you want.

but is the fault in the person with the available job? or is the fault with the job seeker trying to get a foot in the door?

and if we outlaw this business practice, what are we going to do with sites like LinkedIn? use them as sources for lists on who to send to jail?

and the man who decries pay to play the most, is the business man trump who regularly used favoritism in hiring practices. so he gets to go to jail, too. and government practices for hiring must investigate family and friends of all new employees to make sure they have no ties to current bosses or those doing the hiring.

that’s an awful lot of work and expense in jailing for a business practice that has been around forever and with no public objection until now.

you just gave it a new name, “pay to play” that’s catchier and easier to remember than “it’s who you know and not what you know that matters.”

the history of the clinton single server is that it is family computer set up by bill to avoid complications and exposure. they bought their own website and hosted it on their single server and issued email addresses to family members.

i was thinking of doing something similar for my family, but would make it a family cloud so that family members could have unlimited storage and streaming… and then give accounts as christmas presents.

but the average usa citizen doesn’t understand how that works, and thinks having a private server means you must be hiding something.

but private means single, like how a private residence is a single family home.

and the only thing it implies is intelligence and ingenuity. it doesn’t imply trying to hide something.

some do use private servers for porn, for instance. but meth labs are more likely to use a private home, and many criminal activities happen more in isolated or private residences.

that doesn’t make everyone who owns a private home a criminal!

and a server is a host. it stores the content. there is really no such thing as ONLY an email server. a server hosts a web address that is a series of numbers. it is like a phone. and when someone dials that number with their computer, it is answered by the server and either displays a website to the one calling, or it displays a sign-in page.

when your computer dials a website, it first asks for a security certificate to ensure that it is the correct site and to ensure that it is a registered site that has accountability and will not hack or give you a virus, for instance.

so if you are the only one dialing your own server, the need for any security certificate involves being sure you dialed the number right. it does not involve being safe from hacking or viruses, because you are not going to hack or infect yourself.

or at least it’d be pretty strange if you did.

so a private server is a private phone number, basically. for those of us old enough to remember party lines, and how neighbors could listen in.

same concept. all a private server does is host that website number, so when it is called it is answered by your own computer, not by a switchboard handling hundreds and thousands of calls and routing them to the correct website.

it doesn’t mean you are hiding something. it means you don’t want to be on a party line.

all criminals might choose to use phones that are not on party lines. but not all people avoiding party lines are criminals.

all criminals might choose to use private servers for their websites. but not all people avoiding multi-servers are criminals.

and by giving private servers a bad name, more people will want to stick to the party lines. to the multi servers. and that translates to more business for those server companies, and also translates to greater vulnerability as a nation like stockpiling ammunition with a map on what to bomb.

so i hope i have clarified some of this. not switching to a work email on state department website and server for her personal email, was a decision left to mrs. clinton. there was no mandate, no law, and most importantly, no precedent.

she had both. if they are questioning whether any of her personal emails were classified, that means that she used a state department work email for classified correspondence. and the confusion is, did her email address she had for years as a personal server address, get any classified communication that should have only gone through her work email.

understand? it’s not about hiding correspondence from government oversight. believe me, if you want emails to disappear forever, you just pull the hard drive and beat it with a hammer. i’m pretty sure the clintons could have figured that out if that’s what they wanted.

and that’s why everybody harping on this and calling it email scandal are complete idiots and that’s why i know they are idiots.

and calling any of this a crime is incredibly stupid. but the stupid are being led by the nose, and don’t have the education to realize how incredibly thick deep in bullshit they are living. now that’s not our problem. that’s not mrs. clinton’s problem.

the problem is we have a generation of adults that were not raised with an education in basic computer science.

and they don’t want to learn as adults. i know it, run up against that constantly as a webmaster and computer technician.


One Reply to “history will validate the bs”

  1. and one of the reasons everybody on the right and gop have such a poor understanding of the “email scandal” is because donald trump is a moron and explained it all wrong. so think about that… think about how he will be explaining complex military situations or economic situations in a national address. he doesn’t have the intelligence to make himself clear and not misunderstood

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