The threat to Democracy in the United States

What puzzles me most about the Trump candidacy, is why? This is a man obviously accustomed to getting what he wants (or else)–but exactly why does he want to be President?

Now over the years, I’m sure those intent on a little non-subtle brown-nosing, have exclaimed what a great President Trump would make. I’m sure they said it often. But wouldn’t any human being be able to distinguish that for what it is, a platitude stated to garner favor, rather than any type of specific truth?

And when you go from there, the waters get even more murky. Trump is spoiled and grew up in an environment where physical comfort and satisfaction are everything. Now this is based on my knowledge of those who grow up with “money.” But it’s a pretty firm psychology. Unless the person demonstrates through behavior that they certainly are NOT spoiled and instead have built solid principles and a moral foundation for their life–you can pretty much conclude that the “I want it and I want it NOW!” attitude goes under the heading “Spoiled.”

So we have a person that amassed a little bit of wealth and did so with Casinos and encouraging gambling, as well as by running a fake university, and pretty much employing enough lawyers fulltime to get whatever he wanted. And at the same time, in the pursuit of “what Trump wants” — his philosophy does not exclude “Go after their families.”

Generally, I steer clear of issues that might have me put on a blacklist. I truly do. Am not exactly in a position to even state the obvious, without having to be afraid of some kind of retribution. And that is why I am speaking out against Trump and everything he stands for. Because we as a nation cannot afford to have a President using that seat of power to enact personal vendettas and lists of those Trump will hurt. And continue to try to hurt. In every way he can. In every possible manner he can find.

Trump is about revenge. And while it is tempting to think he has decided to run for President through blackmail. That his wife or his family or someone close has really heavy dirt on him, and is using it to pressure Trump. While it’s really tempting to think that has to be the reason, and his latest wife might have thrown a tantrum and demanded to be first lady or she would tell the world what he does in the bedroom? While that is possible, it’s more likely that Trump has his list of hate this person/like that person. And he wants to take it national. He needs more power to carry out more revenge.

Trump wants to have the power to reduce anyone he sees as an enemy to dust. And it’s scary, and that is why a good number of media outlets and a good number of private US citizens, are working to destroy his bid for President. This isn’t funny anymore. Most of us that are not New Yorkers, have only seen Trump in passing over the years. Have noticed the “my name goes on everything” he has, and decided that he is crazy, and left it at that.

But now he wants to take his crazy, and put it at the head of the nation. And while we can’t afford that kind of insanity near the Whitehouse, let alone in it — what we really can’t afford is a leadership that expands power by creating a list. A leader intent on revenge. One who regularly uses that in his own business, to punish those who cross him. He will take you out. If you are not with him, you are against him. And that is how these type of rulers work. He’s ratcheting his way up the monkey ladder.

I know many pundits have likened this candidate to Hitler, to Stalin or Mussolini. And of course we get immune to that, and shake our heads about the over-the-top dramatics. But believe it or not, i think we are there. We have an actual regime trying to take control of the United States of America. A dangerous regime. One that threatens to not observe the election results, and even threatens to gather a militia and attack Washington DC when they lose.

And it’s not funny anymore. We also become immune to the notion, because that is something that happens in third world countries. That is something Turkey has to deal with, not the United States! But here we are. And that line was crossed when Mr. Trump started telling his followers that if he does not win, that means the election is rigged and that they should do something about it. He crossed a line there, and so this nation must decide how to handle a dangerous regime that is working to take power by any means it can.

I do not know why Donald Trump decided to run for President. We all laughed at the thought, and then here we are. But it’s not just Trump that is dangerous, it is the regime he has raised that will follow his bidding. And if you are not on his list of good, then you will receive retribution from the Trump regime.

Trump is dangerous. But not to the enemies of the United States. The enemies of the United States love him to pieces. They WANT to see the US dissolve in civil war. And the very strange and horrible thing about this election, is that Trump wants to see that happen, too.

It’s possible that there’s no threat and everything is fine. But we passed that stage and it isn’t fine. Not fine at all. I have no doubt that Utah is safe. The mormons, after all, run a pretty good game of power-regime themselves. And they are with Romney and against Trump. There will be no cooperation with the Trump regime even if it does work to have power elsewhere. And it’s not likely that they would ever be persuaded to play ball with Trump in the future. The mormons have this thing called ‘moral standards.’

So mostly I am concerned with the rest of the country, that does not already have a strong power element in place. And even though it could mean a democratic loss, I think the Republicans should pull Trump from the running — IF THEY CAN. That’s a big if, and I don’t know if the RNC has enough power at this point to do it even if they wanted to. I’m of the mind that IF they had the power to remove Trump, they would have by now. I don’t think they have any control, and the Trump regime is no longer under control by the Republican party. If it ever was.

And the “why” of why did Donald Trump run for President? Apparently because job of “Dictator” was not available, so he intends to create it. I don’t know how our election process has gotten to this, but I don’t think we should take the threats lightly. If Trump loses the election, he intends to take the Presidency by force. While that seems laughable, since we have the entire military might of the US army — I think we need to stop laughing. We laughed that someone like Trump would even run for President. But here we are.


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