i watched

i watched as every
married woman i knew
got a stationary bike
for the living room
got a treadmill for the den
got a stair stepper for the porch
when will this end?

where is the torch
for this olympics?

i watched as no sugar
ice cream came in play
and i watched
as the no fat cookies had their day
and i shook my head and cried
because no one cared about
the hopes and dreams
on the inside

no one cared
about a woman and her pride
the men are clothed
in serious shades of brown and grey
they wake up
to a world that has to go their way
but what of
all the colors left out there
in stark repression
the wife does one more stair


and i watched
as the children want their
hot dogs back
and i watched
as they trudged the miles
back from jail
locked up
to keep the bad guys out
but the children are hurting
childhood is not the time for fear

and i watched
as all the married women i knew
got stationary bikes
for their living rooms

gated communities the norm
more jails and more scorn

i watched
with a heart both warm and hollow
as the country blindly followed
every hook
that both rich and poor would swallow

i watched the worry
over looks that all will go someday
and the trophy wives
that traded in their lives
for a closet full of high heeled shoes

only to vacuum round the treadmills
in their living rooms

i watched it all go down
in several decades on this earth
no one digging deeper
for any lasting worth
only decorating

the outside
because an object screams
in silence
i watched this world dissolve
in violence
by the men
who covet submissive wives
and crave the power
of craven lives
when will this end?

i watch
i watch and think
how it’s so much easier to pretend

they all will wake up some day …

but this never goes away
i see more men caged in suits
and more women
caged in silicone expectations

pretty the only way to be
a child-woman that laughs during the day
and then at night
she cries privately

i watched
as every married woman i knew
bought stationary bikes
had them delivered to their living rooms

i watched
and didn’t say a word
how they all were going nowhere fast
how the body is only a shell

and it’s the heart, the soul
that lasts

love is the breeding ground
that never should be thin
never should see hopes as pinned
the markets surely boomed
as women bought
all kinds of torture
for their living rooms
but i never wanted
a life born to be less
than the perfection
woven into mindless patterns
of every object’s dress

and i stood on the pier and boldly laughed at
the men who would call any friend of mine fat
i laughed at the whole drooling mess

refused to accept this life
the life offered by a world
enthralled in looks …
when i was the one looking best

because i watched


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